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I had my 3rd DUI conviction in 2009 I'm wondering if I am eligible to get my license back
If so what is required of me to drive legal again
It's all regulatory. Consult with the attorney that represented you in the last DUI. If that doesn't work for you then...
My name is Brianna voos.i recently got arrested for operating without a license.i had prior 2 tickets in the past will i do jail
I had two other tickets 4 years ago i played them
The best way to insure the most favorable outcome is to retain an attorney to represent you. Without knowing the entire...
What happens when you get a DUI while on probation for a class D felony in the state of Connecticut?
The class D felony was a reckless burning charge.
Many things could happen. For example, your PO could seek a warrant for a violation of probation, if it's your 1st DUI...
I live in Connecticut and now have a DUI pending but have a NY license... couple questions..
I bought a new car last year and CT DMV wouldn't let me transfer my license because it was suspended for an unpaid ticket. Obviously needed registration & insurance so they gave me a state ID in order to do that. My license was restored then I didn't transfer it. Didn't see a reason to other than insurance purposes & I hate the DMV. Now I have a pending DUI in CT with the APS suspension in effect for 120 days. If that's the case, if I'm convicted lets say a month AFTER the APS suspension is over ... Can I transfer my NY license over to CT in that time frame without an issue? On the other hand, if I'm unable to transfer it & NY DMV finds out of the conviction then how will my driving privileges be affected in CT? Will this effect my ability for a work permit? Buying insurance?
Way too complicated for an online answer. You need to talk to your own attorney. - Hamad Law Firm, LLC contact@...
I have unresolved drug charges(felony)not to be nollied until my works/community service done. I got a DUI, will it open them up
I was sent to jail on bond and then i had to complete a works program. community service is almost done and im in the drug classes now. I got a DUI no one got hurt and no one else was involved except my passengers. Do you think the prosecutor would re-open my case due to misdemeanor charges that didn't involve drugs or just let it go through as a normal DUI case.
it is possible that these charges could be re-opened as I would think that one of the conditions for your enrollment in...
What is going to happen to me with this case, what should I do? possible DUI and was driving on suspended license!
I have full coverage insurance on my car and I had missed a court date for a parking ticket (i only recently became aware of the license loss) I didn't know i got the ticket, nothing on my car and the ticket was sent to an address I use to live at that is in MA. Anyway I was getting to that this week, but not soon enough. I had been driving in the fast lane while intoxicated and my car slipped on some ice (im pretty sure) and my car rolled over 3 times apparently it was very smashed up, and a stranger called the police and a state trooper was very nice, i had been telling everyone that my car slipped on an ice patch and mentioned no alcohol and was only asked my name and date of birth, everyone was very nice (of course they would, I should be dead) and I was immediately put into an ER and tested and one test was ethenol and i was obviously very positive, i know the blood tests take about a month to come back but should I just call and ask the cop to meet with me non work hours if possible to see what he can do for me? I'm sure not all troopers are mean, i only hurt myself and I was planning on leaving the state and never driving again because i know im not any good! (22yrs old and
Call the cop and "see what he can do for you?" No. Look, the cops are not the "officer friendly's" you were told they...
Can you get arrested after your in a car accident??
I know Someone that crashed into a fence in a town getting off the highway. They asked for blood and urine too screen from the person. The person was issued a ticket but happend Saturday night. So wouldn't they have already came and gave her a DUI if the fox screen was positive for anything ?!
In many cases, a DUI arrest may not be made for several months following an accident. Assuming the toxicology screen...