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  • Southington Woman Accused of Assaulting 64-Year-Old

    Monday Jan 25 | via 

    According to Southington Police, it was shortly before 3:30 p.m. Jan. 23 when the suspect was arrested following the dispute. The suspect is accused of arguing with the victim who was on the telephone and then trying to take the phone away from the victim.


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  • Robbery Suspect Busted at Southington Home Depot

    Wednesday Jan 20 | via 

    A 53-year-old man is being on $100,000 bond following his arrest on robbery and larceny charges in connection with the theft of a backpack blower from Home Depot in Southington. It as about 10:16 a.m. Jan. 18 when police were called to the store at 1816 Meriden Waterbury Tpk.


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  • Somers Man Busted on Robbery, Larceny Charges

    Wednesday Jan 20 | via 

    A 53-year-old Somers man is being on $100,000 bond following his arrest on robbery and larceny charges in connection with the theft of a backpack blower from Home Depot in Southington. It as about 10:16 a.m. Jan. 18 when police were called to the store at 1816 Meriden Waterbury Tpk.


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  • Woman Robbed of Purse Outside Southington Theater

    Wednesday Jan 13 | via 

    Southington Police are searching for the man they say snatched a purse from a woman headed to the movies Tuesday afternoon. It was just minutes before 2 p.m. Jan. 12 when the victim reported to Southington Police that her purse was stolen as she walked towards the Starplex Cinemas at 1821 Meriden - Waterbury Tpke.


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  • Arson Threat Yield Arrest of Southington Man

    Tuesday Jan 12 | via 

    According to a Southington Police report, the man was arrested Monday by police who obtained an arrest warrant charming him with second-degree breach of peace and second-degree threatening. Brennan was held on a court set $35,000 bond and was scheduled to appear in Bristol Court on Jan. 12. According to the warrant, Brennan is accused of making threats of violence towards the victim and her 87-year-old father.


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Southington Law

What's going to happen if I turn myself in? Do I need a lawyer?
I was put on probation for 18 months due to a DUI charge back in 2013. I had to complete 2 MADD meetings, pay $600 in restitution, mental evaluation and 200 hours of community service or 4 days in jail. I had served a week in jail after my accident before I was bonded out and for some reason that didn't count. I went to my monthly probation visits accordingly. I had 3 months left on my probation and my probation officer put me in violation and I got a letter in the mail saying I violated probation and there is a warrant out for my arrest back in April of 2014. She gave me no notice and never returned my calls when I asked why I got this notice. Despite that, I still completed the MADD Meetings before my probation was to originally expire and in January 2015, I sent a money order to pay the restitution. The only thing I wasn't able to complete was the community service as I have not had a car or reliable transportation since my DUI (I totaled my car). It's going on 2 years since I got that notice and I know I'll never be able to get this behind me and move on with my life until I deal with it.
You definitely need a lawyer. You are walking into a minefield with the situation you described.
My name is Brianna voos.i recently got arrested for operating without a license.i had prior 2 tickets in the past will i do jail
I had two other tickets 4 years ago i played them
The best way to insure the most favorable outcome is to retain an attorney to represent you. Without knowing the entire...
What happens when you get a DUI while on probation for a class D felony in the state of Connecticut?
The class D felony was a reckless burning charge.
Many things could happen. For example, your PO could seek a warrant for a violation of probation, if it's your 1st DUI...
I live in Connecticut and now have a DUI pending but have a NY license... couple questions..
I bought a new car last year and CT DMV wouldn't let me transfer my license because it was suspended for an unpaid ticket. Obviously needed registration & insurance so they gave me a state ID in order to do that. My license was restored then I didn't transfer it. Didn't see a reason to other than insurance purposes & I hate the DMV. Now I have a pending DUI in CT with the APS suspension in effect for 120 days. If that's the case, if I'm convicted lets say a month AFTER the APS suspension is over ... Can I transfer my NY license over to CT in that time frame without an issue? On the other hand, if I'm unable to transfer it & NY DMV finds out of the conviction then how will my driving privileges be affected in CT? Will this effect my ability for a work permit? Buying insurance?
Way too complicated for an online answer. You need to talk to your own attorney. - Hamad Law Firm, LLC contact@...
I was arrested for DUI a month after turning myself on a warrant for another DUI. Both cases pending in same court. So confused.
I flipped my car on 2/06/12. Single car accident, no injuries. Woke up in the hospital & released. Found out in May I had a warrant for DUI from that accident. I turned myself in on 5/19 and was released. The DMV didn't suspend my license after either. I went to court on 5/30, they offered an alcohol program pending an evaluation & paying an application fee by my next court date on 7/25. I got evaluated on 6/19 and was accepted. Then on 6/22, I crashed my new car & was arrested for DUI. I was put in jail for 8 days then released on bond. My PD said to "play dumb" on 7/25 and see if my application is rejected because of this new DUI. If it does, then on 7/27 he will combine the two DUIs cases into a "Double First Offense". Can someone explain what that entails please? or have any advice?
Although I do know how you qualified for a public defender since there is no risk of incarceration, you should ask them.
Actions of current lawyer
My last lawyer because i fired him now. Has not communicate to me. I called him via cell , office, and his assistant who also never gets back or picks up. I asked him to get a new court date a month ago and he continued to ignore calls and then lied and said he asked for new date and I did not need to show for court , but lucky I checked and it was still set for date I would not shown up for. He admitted prosecutor did not like him so I would have to go to trail do to that. Do to this lawyer I may have to go to trail because of the prosecutor in the case is mad. I fired him and hired a new lawyer but what should I do. I mean he has taken my money a screwed me.
Take a look at the website link below. It is the link to the Connecticut Judiciary. I has answers to your questions...
I have unresolved drug charges(felony)not to be nollied until my works/community service done. I got a DUI, will it open them up
I was sent to jail on bond and then i had to complete a works program. community service is almost done and im in the drug classes now. I got a DUI no one got hurt and no one else was involved except my passengers. Do you think the prosecutor would re-open my case due to misdemeanor charges that didn't involve drugs or just let it go through as a normal DUI case.
it is possible that these charges could be re-opened as I would think that one of the conditions for your enrollment in...