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What's going to happen if I turn myself in? Do I need a lawyer?
I was put on probation for 18 months due to a DUI charge back in 2013. I had to complete 2 MADD meetings, pay $600 in restitution, mental evaluation and 200 hours of community service or 4 days in jail. I had served a week in jail after my accident before I was bonded out and for some reason that didn't count. I went to my monthly probation visits accordingly. I had 3 months left on my probation and my probation officer put me in violation and I got a letter in the mail saying I violated probation and there is a warrant out for my arrest back in April of 2014. She gave me no notice and never returned my calls when I asked why I got this notice. Despite that, I still completed the MADD Meetings before my probation was to originally expire and in January 2015, I sent a money order to pay the restitution. The only thing I wasn't able to complete was the community service as I have not had a car or reliable transportation since my DUI (I totaled my car). It's going on 2 years since I got that notice and I know I'll never be able to get this behind me and move on with my life until I deal with it.
You definitely need a lawyer. You are walking into a minefield with the situation you described.
My name is Brianna voos.i recently got arrested for operating without a license.i had prior 2 tickets in the past will i do jail
I had two other tickets 4 years ago i played them
The best way to insure the most favorable outcome is to retain an attorney to represent you. Without knowing the entire...
What happens when you get a DUI while on probation for a class D felony in the state of Connecticut?
The class D felony was a reckless burning charge.
Many things could happen. For example, your PO could seek a warrant for a violation of probation, if it's your 1st DUI...
I live in Connecticut and now have a DUI pending but have a NY license... couple questions..
I bought a new car last year and CT DMV wouldn't let me transfer my license because it was suspended for an unpaid ticket. Obviously needed registration & insurance so they gave me a state ID in order to do that. My license was restored then I didn't transfer it. Didn't see a reason to other than insurance purposes & I hate the DMV. Now I have a pending DUI in CT with the APS suspension in effect for 120 days. If that's the case, if I'm convicted lets say a month AFTER the APS suspension is over ... Can I transfer my NY license over to CT in that time frame without an issue? On the other hand, if I'm unable to transfer it & NY DMV finds out of the conviction then how will my driving privileges be affected in CT? Will this effect my ability for a work permit? Buying insurance?
Way too complicated for an online answer. You need to talk to your own attorney. - Hamad Law Firm, LLC contact@...
I was arrested for DUI a month after turning myself on a warrant for another DUI. Both cases pending in same court. So confused.
I flipped my car on 2/06/12. Single car accident, no injuries. Woke up in the hospital & released. Found out in May I had a warrant for DUI from that accident. I turned myself in on 5/19 and was released. The DMV didn't suspend my license after either. I went to court on 5/30, they offered an alcohol program pending an evaluation & paying an application fee by my next court date on 7/25. I got evaluated on 6/19 and was accepted. Then on 6/22, I crashed my new car & was arrested for DUI. I was put in jail for 8 days then released on bond. My PD said to "play dumb" on 7/25 and see if my application is rejected because of this new DUI. If it does, then on 7/27 he will combine the two DUIs cases into a "Double First Offense". Can someone explain what that entails please? or have any advice?
Although I do know how you qualified for a public defender since there is no risk of incarceration, you should ask them.
Actions of current lawyer
My last lawyer because i fired him now. Has not communicate to me. I called him via cell , office, and his assistant who also never gets back or picks up. I asked him to get a new court date a month ago and he continued to ignore calls and then lied and said he asked for new date and I did not need to show for court , but lucky I checked and it was still set for date I would not shown up for. He admitted prosecutor did not like him so I would have to go to trail do to that. Do to this lawyer I may have to go to trail because of the prosecutor in the case is mad. I fired him and hired a new lawyer but what should I do. I mean he has taken my money a screwed me.
Take a look at the website link below. It is the link to the Connecticut Judiciary. I has answers to your questions...
I have unresolved drug charges(felony)not to be nollied until my works/community service done. I got a DUI, will it open them up
I was sent to jail on bond and then i had to complete a works program. community service is almost done and im in the drug classes now. I got a DUI no one got hurt and no one else was involved except my passengers. Do you think the prosecutor would re-open my case due to misdemeanor charges that didn't involve drugs or just let it go through as a normal DUI case.
it is possible that these charges could be re-opened as I would think that one of the conditions for your enrollment in...