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Is there a statue of limitations for the interlock since it has been 10 years?
Convicted of second DUI in 2006, after year suspension of license required to have an ignition interlock. I have not lived in NC since and am moving back and will need to register car and get drivers license reinstated. Can an attorney have something done by a judge to bypass the interlock, since it has been 10 years?
I'm unaware of beating the Interlock due to waiting any period of time. This question comes up often on this forum.
NC DUI first offense in 2011, moving to MI, so i can get the interlock there instead correct?
My judge and so called lawyer was not clear with me, I dont understand this at all Can I get the interlock device in the state im moving to (Michigan has the same law, interlock above .17, which i had .17) and i have to get a restricted license as well, do i apply for a MI restricted license or the one i was convicted with in NC? (at the time, i had a FL license because i was visiting my parents in NC) and how would i go about my normal life such as going to the grocery store and going to my doctor/hospital appointments? please help someone, my attorney never calls me back!
Of course you can get an interlock in Michigan. You can get an interlock anywhere. If you are on probation, your...
I am going to College in MI and received a DUI in NC over 2 years ago (been illegally driving)
I was supposed to get an interlock device, but i could not afford it. So have been illegally driving, and my lawyer didnt do anything to help. I still havent finished my classes. I have 3 more, but I wont have time to finish them. I will need to get a MI drivers license to be an in state student at the college. I already have held a place to live in MI. I have no family and i am THE ONLY way to get around. I have serious medical conditions, and go to the doctor all the time. I really need advice on this, I do not know what to do....
Once your MI license expires and you go to get a new one, your luck is going to run out. MI DMV will put a hold on your...
With an interlock device and having to get this "limited license?"
I am moving to a new state (michigan) and i have to apply for that limited license and it asks the times of work and school. I only use a car for going to a doctor or grocery shopping. ( i currently do not have a job but plan to hopefully get one when i get to MI) i have SERIOUS medical issues (half blind) and will be the only one in MI that can drive myself. I have to go to the doctor on different occassions and have to get furniture, and go to the store once a week at least! how is this going to work exactly with the interlock in my car? i dont have the money for taxis and all that either. I only have money for this interlock/rent/FOOD. Someone please help?
You have posted this question three times. I recommend searching Avvo for an attorney who practices in the county you...
Can I get my interlock device removed early.
I was provided with the privilege to regain my north Carolina driver licenses in 2012. I have been able to abided by the rules and regulations of the device for almost three years. I am unable to get the device removed for another four years. With my children getting older and repaying my debt to society by remaining sober through AA and doing things differnt then my teenage years. I was wondering if early removal was something possible for me. Thanks for your time.
No, there is no way around the interlock unfortunately.
I have a pending DUI charge 2 years ago, but the trooper that stopped me has transferred and the breath alayzer was inadmissible
because it was not calabrated What are my chances of a dismissal
Not sure you will get a dismissal, but the state will certainly have more trouble proving their case without the...
I'm on supervised probation and was arrested for a DWI and paraphernalia. Can my probation officer arrest me b/c of new charges?
I am on supervised probation after being convicted of felony possession. I have done everything I was ordered to do. I was arrested in another county for a DWI after I blew a .08 and I let officers search the car i was driving and they found a crack pipe. I had no knowledge of it but I know that it doesn't matter. I have been trying for 2 weeks to call my probation officer and she is never there. I am worried that she has violated me and there has been an arrest warrant issued. I would like to know what happens now and also what will happen later after I go to court and if I am found guilty of both charges.
Heck yes you can be violated. You screwed up and now you want to whine? Just go to court and see what the judge wants...