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  • Police Reports August 4 - 10, 2015

    Thursday Aug 13 | via The Newtown Bee 

    This compact car received heavy front-end damage in a two-vehicle accident that occurred on South Main Street near its southern intersection with Elm Drive at about 11:25 am on August 6. Police said motorist Megan Chervansky, 29, of Sherman was driving a 2004 Acura TSX sedan southward on South Main Street and then slowed in preparing to make a left turn into a driveway at 79 South Main Street, when the Acura was struck from behind by southbound motorist Blake McCoy, 26, of Bridgeport, who was driving a 2010 Toyota Corolla sedan. Both drivers reported pain as a result of the impact, police said.


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Is driving on a state / public road still a requirement to be convicted for DWI in CT
I was in a friends deli parking lot after hours when arrested for DWI and not driving on a state / public road....does it makes a diffrence?
I don't practice in CT but most jurisdictions would allow for a prosecution under these circumstances. From a public...
If i got arrested for dui and now am only able to drive my car with an IID installed... can i still drive my moped?
please... and thank you for your time
No you cannot. You cannot operate any motorized vehicle. If you do and get caught you'll go to jail for at least 30...
Can I get out of a dui charge if BAC after breathalizer test was 0%? Also got infraction for possession of marijuana and pipe
19 years old male. Connecticut. Originally got pulled over for not getting my emissions done.I was driving fine. But got pulled into station for apparent dui, I told officer I had smoked 4 hours before incedent.
Probably not. It's not just DWI of Alcohol but of any substance which causes impairement of your ability to operate the...
What are the consequences of being arrested for fifth degree larceny, while on probation for first offense d.u.i. conviction?
In connecticut. The offender has been accepted for Adult Alcohol Education program, but the classes have not yet started. He has also been given thirty five hours of community service to complete by August 4, 2015. His court date for the shoplifting charges is on Wed., July 15, 2015. He cannot afford an attorney. Can you give him an idea of what to expect? Thank you for your time.
It will have no effect at all if he is is doing the Alcohol Education Program. He's not on probation and AEP is not a...
Can my New York license be suspended from getting a DUI in Connecticut ?
I was pulled over for speeding and arrested early Sunday morning .After blowing a .22 I was charged with a DUI.
The answer is yes. DMV Conn will notify NY
Got pulled over found out I had 2 FTA from 9-10 years ago. One was a traffic violation and 1 was a DUI. Court tomorrow for DUI.
Have 2 FTA from 9-10 years ago. 1 for traffic infraction, 1 for DUI. Went to court today and was told to go back to the court houses that they were originally from. Tomorrow morning I have court for the DUI what can I expect to happen. I thought everything was taken care or but I was wrong.
I am not licensed in Connecticut, but in California, where I am licensed, I have handled several cases with this...
My husband had 3 DWI/DUI 18 years ago he just got arrested foe a DUI/DWI and driving with a suspended license.
My husband had 3 DWI/DUI 18 years ago. Recently he was arrested for a DWI/DUI and driving with a suspended license. The lawyer we hired claims he has a deal of 2 years prison time, 1 year DWI/DUI and 1 year for the suspended license. We don't feel as though he has worked on any defense we think he just accepted a deal if there really is one. What is really a potential resolution? Should he accept this deal or go to trial?
If you're dissatisfied you should get a second or even a third opinion from other DWI attorneys. But I'm not in a...