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Can we refuse drug testing if dhs and police found nothing on there investigation.
An accusation was made that we smoke Marijuana in front of my grandson. The police and dhs came to the house and preformed an investigation ie. Looked through the house not finding anything harmful to the child or drugs. Not even a smell. Dhs told us we would all be drug tested then later contacted us saying there was a court order for drug testing and a date given. Nothing was ever signed or agreed to. No paperwork for court order. Of course they would not say who called them but we know it was our oldest son and wife, out of vindication for being put out after living off us for some years now. This whole thing has disrupted our famiy life and why they would put our grandson in jeopardy, when we have taken care of him and his children for most of their lives is beyond me. We just need direction. I feel we are being bulldosed.
You absolutely can refuse a court order for drug testing. The issue will be between you DHS and the Judge. if you...
If I was caught with marijuana ,but the officer charge me with paraphernalia, can I have case thrown out because of wrong charg?
I was pulled over for beating a yellow light and was racially profiled ,I had license and insurance, the officer claimed she smelled marijuana and I hadn't smoked in truck nor had I smoked that day ,I never told her she could search my vehicle I think she used that to search .. The officer evidentually found marijuana in the vehicle but the search was illegal because her proper cause was made up
Basically, no you cannot have the case thrown out for that reason. If you do not have an attorney yet, it is time to...
Hi. What can I do if a non-adjudicated DUI is showing up on my record after the case was dismissed?
i had a DUI non-adjudicated and the entire process was complete and dismissed January of this year. Now I am trying to renew my insurance but I can't afford it because the DUI is showing up as convicted and they raised my premium. It's nearly $700 more. I don't know what to do. I paid thousands of dollars in fines and legal fees, not to mention the amount of time I spent in courts as well as 6 months probation, all so it would not show up in my record. Now it's showing up and I feel bamboozled be the great state of Mississippi.
Contact the lawyer you paid and have him or her investigate why it is there and to insure there were no errors or other...
While in Georgia, I was cited for BUI (boating under influence) BAC was .088. Will this affect my MS driving priveledges?
Originally stopped for operating a boat during hours of darkness. Official sunset for that day was 8:46PM. That citation listed 8:47PM. I was within 200 yards of docking destination. I was on a jet ski, so traveling fast and having fun with it. Agreed to field sobriety test, performed flawless. Agreed to BAC test, where .088 showed I had consumed at some point that day. Given 2 citations, taken to county jail, processed and released on bond. Park Ranger assured me the BUI charge would not affect my driving priveledges, insurance, or anything to do with driving a car. Most likely lose the right to operate a personal water craft in GA for 1 year, and of course whatever fine they impose. What is my best course of action? Do or should I go to court date? Looks like a regular ticket.
If you don't go or go without a lawyer, you're going to get hit with fines, etc. With a lawyer you have a shot at...
Do you think the Darrell Blappert case had a fair sentencing, 18 years? I know its DUI causing death, but 18 years?
The case of Darrell Blappert, DUI-causing death.
As an attorney who defends good people who are charged with a DUI it is hard to see people punished severely for making...
First dui .10 in ms. Do i need a lawyer? What to except?
First dui
Yes you need a lawyer. DUI is a very serious matter that can have lasting effects on your daily life, and DUI is an...
What could happen to someone in Mississippi who was charged with domestic disturbing the peace? And is on probation for dui
My husband was drunk and started throwing me around like a baseball. He said he was going to kill himself. So I called the police. What can happen to him ? We have been married for less than a month
He could well be sentenced to jail time, depending on the severity of the offense and his criminal history. He needs...