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I wasn't driving when we got pulled over and he was the DD, they noticed he had a warrant for his arrest for a registration issue and said if he filled out a form stating he saw me driving drunk they would let him go, so he filled out the form but never stated he saw me driving drunk, just that he saw me driving and didn't give times. How am I supposed to fight this? They took blood samples too once we got to the jail. I WAS NOT driving, I was in the passenger seat.
The first element of "Driving Under the Influence" is that you be in control of the vehicle. Sounds like you got a...
I got one October of last year and they gave me a plea in abeyance it hasn't been a year sense then so I don't know If I failed the plea or not.
I see no one has answered your question. Consider speaking with a local DUI lawyer. Most will give you a free...
I have been having issue with my interlock for a couple of days with the cord coming out while my car has been running I reported it to the interlock place and they told me it was ok but tonight I got into my car and it reported Violation operation should I be worried? It told me to bring in the interlock in 7 days and on top of this I am on Porbation for my DUI..
If you are having a mechanical issue with the interlock you need to report it ASAP and get it fixed. That way you won't...
I got a DUI a month before I turned 18 (last October) and to this day I have not received a court date. my license got suspended for a period of 6 months but I have never had a license and now that the time period is over, I would like to get my license, however, I got a letter from the DLD saying I need go get an assessment but when I called, they needed my judge's name and case number but I have not gone to court. I'm also afraid I will get denied for DACA, but when I applied in January, my immigration lawyer didn't include my DUI on the application because it is not on my record.
You need to contact a local DUI lawyer and see if they can be of any assistance. It doesn't sound like they are going...
I was never ordered to have an ignition interlock by my judge. I have a DUI (first one) I have never had a license so when I got my DUI I figured it was long gone anyways. Drove to a gas station got stopped and was arrested for revoked license and Operating vehicle without IID. I've checked with my probation and the judge never ordered me to have one. Where is this coming from?
DMV. It seems like the judge missed the ignition interlock device on the final disposition of your case.
A year ago I was charge with a retail theft charge I was put on court probation and pay a fine, I than was charge with a DUI. I just got a letter in the mail stating "Order to show cause" I have been on probation for my DUI and I am working a full time job, I have not been in trouble with the law since the retail theft and the DUI, But I am worried about the Order show cause. What should I do? Should I be worried? I have paid my fine for both charges and I am sober from everything!
It's sounds like the DUI was a violation of the probation for the theft charge. Your order to show cause will be to...
I live in Utah and was convicted of a DUI in 2010, i completed a Prime For Life course and the court copied my certificate for proof. I am wanting to get my drivers license back and the DLD needs proof. I have since lost my certificate and the location i did it at didn't keep a record for some reason. So the only proof i have is the copy that should be on file for my DUI case. Is there any way i am able to request a copy from the court?
It should be available as part of the court docket and on exchange. Just go into the court clerk with your case number.