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  • Gallia man charged in Lawrence bank robberies -

    Wednesday | via Tri-County News 

    Police say a Gallipolis, Ohio, man told detectives he committed two Lawrence County bank robberies to support a drug habit, said Sheriff Jeff Lawless. The sheriff's office, Ironton police and the Lawrence County Drug and Major Crimes Task Force arrested Michael Wayne Crager, 38, of Ohio 218, Gallipolis, without incident at about 6:30 p.m. Aug. 17. Crager is charged with the robbery of the PNC Bank at 110 S. 4th St., Ironton, on Tuesday.


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  • Calcutta

    Tuesday Jul 26 | via The Telegraph 

    Police on Tuesday summoned 22 people to Lalbazar and recorded their statements in the Aabesh Dasgupta case, the list including 14 students who were at the birthday get-together in Sunny Park where... Friends from the school where Aabesh Dasgupta had studied till Class X stood by his grieving mother on the day of his shradh, but the absence of anyone from the group he... A pending safety clearance has stopped the East-West Metro in its tracks with barely 750 metres to go for the Howrah-Calcutta tunnel to touch the Hooghly riverbed.


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South Point Law

Can I buy a gun while on probation for my first DUI?
I was given an unsupervised probation and I have completed all my other tasks.
It depends on the conditions of your probation-ask your probation officer. I would guess NO.
Ohio Resident with Ohio License. Received DUI in state of WV in Feb 2012. Now being told I must complete a DUI class.
Ohio Resident with Ohio License. Received DUI in state of WV in Feb 2012. Went to court in March 2012, was told and given papers stating I was fined $100 and could not drive in WV for a year. A month later I get a letter stating my Ohio license has been suspended for 6 months for the offense. Once the 6 months was up I paid a reinstatement fee and verified that my license was now active. Now I went to renew my license yesterday as I am turning 25. When I went to the BMV they gave me a paper and said I couldn't renew them and looked into it and WV has a hold on this until I complete 18 hours of a DUI program and pay another $100. Then I can go get my Ohio License renewed. This whole situation seems wrong as my license is good till renewal. How should I proceed?
You will need to complete the class for WV to get the hold lifted. Contact the WV DMV and see what options they...
If you weren't arrested at the scene of an OVI in Ohio, can you be arrested when you appear in court?
My husband was pulled over and cited for OVI and ordered to appear in court. He was not arrested, just detained until someone could pick him up.
They will not arrest him in court unless he has an outstanding warrant or violates the terms of his bond.
My husband was recently pulled over for an OVI in Ohio. We are residents of WV. He was not arrested but cited.
This was a first offense,. He was not arrested but given a summons to appear in court. How can we fight this?
You have to find an OH lawyer to represent him. There are many on this site that can help you. Go to "Find a Lawyer"...
Charged with physical control without the BAC being recorded on the ticket
I was pulled over for speeding and the officer began to give me sobriety test. The officer told me that I failed the breath test. He then told me that he wasn't arresting me but, giving me a physical control ticket. He didn't record the BAC on the ticket nor did he sign his name or badge number. All the while the officer had a civilian with him whom he allowed to question people in my car. The officer cursed and was very unprofessional. After checking the people in my car the officer allowed a female to drive without a license. Should I make a complaint against the officer? Should I fight the ticket in court?
You should always consider fighting an alcohol charge. See:
I was cited with a DUI last night. Tomorrow is my initial court hearing. What should I do at this initial hearing?
I am 53 years of age and have a clean driving record, with the exception of a "failure to control" citation that I was given last year. This is my first, (and only) DUI. I hit the median in the center of the highway and probably totaled my wife's car. There were no other people or vehicles involved. I took a breathalyzer test and blew a .15. - also I did not have insurance on my wife's car.
You need to go in and plead NOT GUILTY and then consult an attorney ASAP! Find one in your area through AVVO. This is...
I'm an Ohio resident and received a DUI in Maricopa county
I received my first DUI (no other criminal history) back in May of 2015 and received my sentencing in October 2015. I was taken into custody the night of the DUI but was released upon a signature that same night. I've taken the DUI weekend course and paid my fine but no county jail in Ohio will house me for completing my 5 day jail sentence that was ordered. Flying back to AZ isn't an option for me and I do understand that if I don't respond back to the courts that a warrant will be issued but I would like an idea on what my options are at this point or if I were to just ignore this and move on with life, please help!?
Your options are to either go back to Arizona to do your jail time or risk having them issue a warrant for you. I would...