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    Saturday Aug 6 | via WHMI-FM Howell 

    Arraignment has been held for two Livingston County Jail inmates who tried to escape near the Brighton Mill Pond. 32-year-old Lisa Finlayson of South Lyon and 40-year-old Nicole Vermeylen of Flushing are both charged with one count of escape while awaiting trial for a felony.


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Still charged with DUI?
My Mother was visiting South Lyon MI and got pulled over for her tail light being out. A road side test was conducted and she failed her breathlyzer with .19 BAC. Cop told her that he didn't want to deal with her passenger (was passed out and vomited) so he was not going to arrest her but car was impounded. He gave her a ticket for Tail lights being out and improper turn. Will she still get charged for a dui if not arrested?
If there was no arrest and no evidentiary chemical test was given, it sounds like she may have dodge a huge missile....
What are the drug cutoff levels in Michigan for amphetamine and methadone
OUI charge 16 months ago, blood showed 100ng/ml amphetamine and 100ng/ml methadone
Can't recall off top of my head what the cutoff levels on screens are however in terms of driving under the influence...
I was arrested for dui. I had my gun in the car. The charge was lowered to careless driving. Can I keep my ccw?
I was arrested for dui. I had my gun in the car. The chage was lowered to careless driving. Can I still keep my ccw?
This is a slippery slope. The gun board may still look at this as a situation where you had consumed alcohol and had...
Went to court was told to report to PTS, took a drug test Two days later tested positive for THC THC levels were 185 nano-grams
Went to court was told to report to PTS, took a drug test Two days later tested positive for THC THC levels were 185 nano-grams. My letter and color was called and my test was negative and has been since but i received a bond violation for my initial drug test. How am i in violation due to my initial test being positive i thought that i had a chance for my levels to go down witch they di go down
Talk to your pretrial release officer about whether you were to be given a pass for a positive initial result. You...
Did I violate my probation and what will happen now? DUI Rochester
I was convicted by a jury of DUI. I am one month into a year of probation. In lieu of JAMS testing, I have an interlock device from smart start and I'm required to blow between 8am and 9am every morning, which I've done without issue. However, this morning my key fob malfunctioned and I could not unlock my car (it's a new higher end car with no actual key). I went to the dealer (my wife drove me in her car) at 8:30am, they reprogrammed the key, but that didn't work. So we had to go to the Troy Motor Mall and get a new key fob, which had to be programmed as well. Got back to my car at 10:10, unlocked my car and submitted a successful clean test. I have the paperwork from the dealer and the phone calls, etc. I figured it was no big deal but several coworkers are telling me that 52-3 probation office will definitely violate me for being an hour late on the test, and that I will probably go jail or get WAMM weekends and fines, etc. Is this true? I don't think I did anything wrong at all and I did everything I could (short of smashing my own window) and I haven't drank a drop of alcohol. But I'm hearing none of that matters, I'm screwed...
Your should call your attorney about this. I would recommend documenting your efforts, and seeking a EGT test asap....
What to do? My mom convicted of DUI after accident on ice; doesn't understand she's been convicted. Court-appointed lawyer
Last winter, we were hit with an ice storm here in Michigan. My mom was on her way home from the grocery store beginning of the storm (3pm), hit a patch of ice and slid off the road and into a very small tree, at a low speed. There was no damage to anything except her OLD car, which the insurance company totaled (it was too old). However, the police decided to arrest her because he asked her if she had anything to drink. Of course she hadn't, but she had taken a Norco, as prescribed by her doctor. My mother has a previously broken back, so shopping is hard for her. Drug test came back - she had nanograms of Norco in her system, along with nanograms of Xanax from the previous night, which she also has a prescription for. My dad has been taking her to court, but now they are talking to me about probation! I asked if she was convicted of a DUI and both say "I don't know what happened". Neither seem to know what the judge did!!! Is this normal to get a DUI for small traces of Norco and Xanax in your blood, even with a script? And is it malpractice by the court-appointed attorney? They don't know what's going on! No previous criminal history. Thank you!
There is nowhere near enough information in your question to give you a complete response. You first need to know if...
How can I get my license plate back and how much will it cost?
A friend drove my car and got a DUI. I had admitted in the police report that I knew he was drinking as I was with him, but he was in better shape to drive. He was sentenced to jail today and I was told the only way to get my plate back is to not have knowledge that he was drinking. I had gotten a notorized affidavit that I did not know about his previous record which I did not, but that is sufficient to get my plate back. I do not want to lie under oath. I have never been in trouble and simply want my plate back and I don't know what to do. Please help.....
You should have a temporary plate on the car now. When the case for your friend is over, and there is no forfeiture,...