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Can my brother avoid jail time for his first dui?
My brother was charged with a dui I believe he was 20 yrs old at the time it happened (he is now 21) he grazed another person's vehicle and the person asked to go to the hospital so he is also being charged with causing bodily injury thus far he has completed everything the court has asked him to do as far as staying out of trouble and taking required classes they want to charge him with 2 months jail time and 5 yrs probation is there anyway he can do without jail time and get house arrest instead? Also they did not find any alcohol or drugs in his blood but he did admit at the time he was under the influence of shrooms. Thanks for any help you can give me
It sounds like your brother's case is quite far along which also means he has an attorney. Please encourage your...
Do i need a lawyer for my case?
i was driving under the influence and got into a car accident, no one was hurt except for me and now i am getting charged with 2-5 felony charges. this is my first time ever being charged.
You have been charged with felonies. You absolutely need a lawyer. Use the "find a lawyer" tab to locate one in the...
How soon after arraignment can I get the discovery in a dui case?
my son got a dui in his driveway, to make it worse on his 25th birthday when ins. rates drop. hes a student in college and has 2 jobs. He has always been very very responsible regarding driving and has no tickets on his record to date. he was not coming home, but was thinking about leaving after a argument with his girl, when a neighbor called cops. he gave a lawyer 500 bucks and still hasn't seen discovery. what type of defense does he have? can you tell me approx. cost for this type of case and what chance does he have to be acquitted. thank you
If he has already retained an attorney, he needs to address this question to the attorney. $500 is a very minimal...
Can a person go to Canada with a DUI conviction by providing a promissory letter not to drive in the country to the consulate?
A friend informed me of this and I am curious if it is true as I greatly want to go but have had two DUI's, one nine years ago and one within the past three years.
Under Canadian law, if you have just one California DUI conviction, even for a wet reckless on your record, you may not...
I am having so many problems with my interlock device? How can I have it removed?
My interlock device has malfunctioned repeatedly. I have had it replaced twice in two months. The malfunctions were device related--I have not touched a drink snce t was installed. I use my car to drive to and from work and for life n general. I drive up and over squirrly mountain passes in conditions that would have your heart stop in good weather---let alone when there is 20 inches of snow and and sharp turns that have 3000" drops on each side (think Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe). The device requires a random test every 3 to 15 minutes. This requires picking up the device WHILE drivng, blowing into it for 15-20 seconds with your head down and hoping it registers. ALL this WHILE driving. This is dangerous to me and others and is costly to have a required reset.
Unfortunately you cannot get it removed- at least not without court order. Speak to your attorney.
Can a judge in Nevada prevent you from taking prescribed medication from an MD?
I am on alternate sentencing in Nevada for 3rd DUI, DUI diversion program. I initially signed up for this program to divert prison and after 1 1/2 year in this program they rules keep changing and threatening me with jail if the new stipulations are not met. I am a disabled Veteran I have been on prescription meds and now they tell me I cannot take what my doctor prescribes me due to rule changes. I take narcotics to relieve the pain from my knees, back, and headaches and take antidepressants for my PTSD. I have been off my meds for over three weeks and it is hard for me to function in daily activities I have to do as a man. Is this legal?
Yes, you agreed to enter the program to avoid jail time. It is not right that they will not allow you do take what your...
What are the chances of getting a critical need license for college? If cited for a BAC of .05% and under 21?
I got pulled over for stopping over the line in a stop sign. I told the officer that I had a few beers 3 hours before driving and he gave me the PAS test which tested at .05% and gave a pink temporary license for 30 days and that my license will be suspended upon expiration. He did not tow my car or arrest me and simply ordered me to walk home. What are the chances of me getting a critical need license for college?
You still need to deal with citation -I assume he gave you . Contact mandatory actions unit of DMV in Sacramento and...