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Why did I recieve a civil infraction for refusing a breathalizer after the officer stated he did not believe I was intoxicated?
I submitted to a road side soberity test (flashlight in the eyes as you follow the finger, stand on one foot, walk toe to toe type thing) The officer stated he did not believe I was intoxicated but asked if I would submit to a breathalizer. I said No, and recived a ticket. How can I recieve a ticket for excercising my right to say no?
This is what the Michigan Secretary of State says about refusing the PBT: If you are stopped by a law enforcement...
What the percentage to get dismiss in pretrail conference when I meet the prosecutor. Also what will happen in pretrail ?
I had party at my friend house and I slept in my car. Next day I went to eat something. Then I went to the closet place to eat something I found big parking lot less than mile to a house and it has a restaurant . During I am slowing down and gave a sign to turn left the other car behind me was driving fast and couldn't stop. So it crashed my car, I stoped at this private place and my shoulder been hurted. The police came and gave the other guy who crashed me a ticket and then requested the ambulance to take me to hospital . When I am in ambulance the officer told me he needs to take PBT test. I said ok to him he went to bring it and tested me in ambulance the percentage was 1.3. After that I went to hospital to continue the treatment. The officer came to hospital and told me that you are under arrest. So he did some sobriety test in the hospital I was really nervous there because I am injured and my body hurted me. I did the evaluation and I am under pressure in the hospital then the hospital release me so he took me to jail to fringprinted and then he release me after I payed the bond with court date. I went to court and plead not guilty so they gave me pretrail after two weeks.
Very very very very low chance that you will get your case dismissed at pre-trial. There are already a lot of issues,...
Will I lose my restricted license with my smart start ignition interlock? ??? If I plead guilty to open intox. In a vehicle???
Friend got pulled over ....he went to jail...for DUI ..I was passenger...I did not blow into breathalyzer. ...wife came picked me up....but gave me a ticket for open intox.??? Not beer can or liquor....found some Bubba double insulated drink holder's in his chevy suburban which has no trunk..
There is a good chance of some consequence with the Secretary of State. Open intox will appear on your driving record...
Do I get points in my license i got charged with a open intox in Michigan i was not driving i was a passenger?
My first time charged with open intox(passenger)
Open intoxicants as a passenger is a non-moving violation but carries two points. It is a misdemeanor, so it will go...
This is my first and only time for being pull over for DUI, what can I do to clear this DUI situation?
I was heading home from a Soldier celebration from a deployment and got pulled over for headlight that went out.
It is possible that an OWI can be dismissed; however, there has to be a very strong legal or factual defense for that...
Am i going to be chatged for a dui
I was pumping gas and a police officer approached me and said i was drunk and to take a pbt so i did blew .12 they parked my car in parkimg lot and said i can come pick my keys up in a few hours and that i wasnt being charged
You could certainly face charges if you blew a .12 while operating a vehicle. You might also get lucky. If you...
Removing DWI record from online viewers?
Once my case is dismissed upon completing probation can I request to have my DWI rochester file removed from online viewing? Not seal or expunge which I know isn't possible. If so, how do you request this of the 52-3 court?
The 52-3 court does not have jurisdiction over the internet. Much of the internet is based in foreign countries anyway....