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DUI hearing for refusal was lost. I don't really feeling that my attorney even had a real picture has to what went on. I did not refuse and the report clearly states that. Attempted the breath test 3 or more times and was no volume met and nsp. I guess biggest question lies in the appealing that decision process ???
You need to hire a local attorney asap.
He missed the court date and now he's just scared and not planning to go back to fix the charge and things. So he is planning to just a get a state a ID and start new can this even happen? How can he fix the current situation he doesn't want to go back to arkansas so is there anyway he can take care of it here in Florida? Charges where DWI, no proof of insurance and reckless driving first offence. And now the missed court date what can he do?
He needs to get an attorney in Arkansas! If he doesn't, he can never get a dl in Florida!
was convicted of dui and placed on 6 month probation, because the police and state attorney thought it was my first. I have completed all probation requirements, dui school, victim impact, and comm. service. I have been required now to 24 treatment classes. Can I be violated for this, and once they realize this a multiple offence, can I be re-convicted?
Short answer is NO. It's the job of the prosecutors to establish that you had a prior conviction, subjecting you to...
I served my three years probation, community service and paid all of my monetary dues without a hiccup, and haven't had any run-ins with the law since.
DUI with serious bodily injury is a third degree felony in Florida. As such, if you were convicted of this charge then...
She totaled the car she hit. It was parked with no one in it and there were no injuries. I live in Florida and am the owner of her car as far as auto loan and registration are concerned. I own the house we live in. My father is a cosigner on the bank loan with me and my wife's name is not on the loan. If I look my home up on my county's property appraiser website he and I are the only names listed. My wife and I have joint bank accounts. Our ins. paid appx $15k to the other party. He filed suit against my wife for $5k (upper limit for small claims in our state). As I understand, his car was totaled and he has an auto loan which the $15k didn't satisfy. My wife has poor credit so I am not too concerned with a judgement against her, but I want to know what degree I could be liable.
As the owner, you are liable. However, your insurance carrier should be defending the both of you, and based on what...
first time law offender, i am 25, I blew .079 and .08
Do you have a question? Are you asking if you will get a "breakdown"? Because if so there is a lot of information...
I was arrested for DUI and I blew a .079, and .08. I have retained a DUI lawyer. I have never been in trouble with the law and I am 25. The video of me during the field sobriety was not terrible, but I was not perfect obviously. They did not test me for drugs when I was booked. And when I went to the review office for my license, they told me because I blew a .079 I would not lose my license. Is that fact correct? Thank you so much
You already asked this question and myself and several pother lawyers have already commented. In addition to...