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How can I help myself avoid any jail time?
I'm 19 I was given a ticket 6 months ago for underage drinking and given a pre-trial diversion with 12 months unsupervised probation when I when to court and pled not guilty. I was arrested again after that 6 months for having a bac of .028 and having and open container in my vehicle.
First, you have to stop drinking. I would recommend speaking with your attorney. If you don't have an attorney, you...
3rd dui in 10 years and still not settled after 2 1/2 years?
It has been 2 1/2 years since I was arrested for my 3rd dui. The judge has denied 2 plea agreements. First one being 6 months house arrest 10 days jail. Fine and yeAR probabtion. 2nd was year probaton classes, fines, and 10 days jail. Now I'll be going to trial in a Month. It's in a neighboring county. what are the odds if I get jail time that I can get it transferred to my town so I can have work release to support my soon to be newborn child and wife?
I am not licensed to practice law in Indiana, but in California, where I am licensed, such a county to county transfer...
Will I be drug tested on my first court date or any court dates for being arrested for an OWI?
I was arrested for OWI in the state of Michigan in Berrien County. I did not have the possession of any other drugs or alcohol but was under the influence of alcohol and arrested for OWI. My first given court date was given to me about 12 days from my arrest. I am curious if I need to worry about being drug tested on my first court date or any court dates in the future.
Possibly. Contact a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation. Stop doing any illegal drugs now.
Will I go to jail for a DUI if I failed to appear in court and it's 4 years later? Or what will my options be?
I received a DUI in 2010, failed to appear in court and was given a bench warrant, the warrant expired and they suspended my license indefinitely. I want to go to court and get license reinstated, but I'm scared of what might happen.
Warrants rarely expire. Are you sure the warrant expired? Anyway, the judge will not be very pleased that you chose...
Can my husband get his felony removed from his record?
My husband got a breaking and entering class d felony back in 2007. He had no priors and nothing since. He did not have a good lawyer, even the judge said that. It was a family friend who didn't know criminal law. I have been told it should have dropped to a misdemeanor. He made a mistake and did the time for it and we would like to know if and how to go about this.
Speak to a local DUI lawyer who specifically does DUI cases. Most give free consultations.
Am I getting a ticket? (State of IN)
I was walkin home from a tailgate and a man wouldn't stop harassing me so the police got involved stated that I wasn't going to get in trouble, didn't go after the man but stayed with me. I didn't have my ID on me and they gave me a normal white piece of paper that says ticket on it but has no further information on it. I had been drinking I'm underage but they had done no breathalyzer on me and have no proof of this. Am I facing serious charges ? I am also on the pre-trial diversion program in another county so I'm assuming I messed up bad. But the police kept telling me I wasn't going to get in trouble. I'm slightly irritated that they didn't go after the man harassing but came after me crying my eyes out because I was scared of the man. So I'm confused if I'm actually being charged
We are attorneys, not soothsayers. You need to tell us what you were charged with or you need to go to a criminal...
Is there any chance of getting a felony dropped to a misdeameanor or a dui case with one prior 9 years ago
I was recently pulled over and charged with an owic class d felony. I had one almost 2 years ago and before that i had one in 2004. I have never been in any trouble besides these cases.