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Can you get a license in Illinois after 4 DUI's?
My boyfriend has had 1 DUI in IL in which he received supervision and three in WI, one of which resulted in a car accident, conviction causing great bodily harm while under the influence. What are the odds that he would be able to obtain a license in Illinois again? What about Wisconsin?
If he completed his supervision satisfactorily, then it does not count as a fourth conviction, so he would be eligible...
Have been denied 2X for my driving license. Have dui 97, 99, 03. revoted 1 what to do?
On disability 1 lawyer cost 4,000.00, 1000.00 down? What are my options? No accidents.
Well, unfortunately, you're not entitled to an appointed attorney for these hearings. Keep looking for lawyers that...
I have a DUI, but my probationary period is over, however my fines are not paid....can I serve time?
I was charged with a DUI in 2015... and I completed all of the other requirements and classes, but I have not paid my fine off. My Probation is over... and I do not have to appear in court anymore.. but can I be issued a warrant? I do not make much and can barely pay anything on it.. I just do not want the situation to get any worse! Any advice appreciated! Thank you.
If your period of supervision or probation is over, then the state can either file a rule to show cause (contempt...
Will they remand me at my next court date if I show positive for drug and alcohol test?
I live in basement and the people I live with smoke a lot of weed and I have no choice but to breath it in. Then I've been taking nyquill and Robitussin for a bad case of the flu. Im on pretrial services but am scared that I may have failed my random drug test. Will they put me in jail?
If you stick with that explanation, yeah, probably.
Can I become a collections agent in IL with a felony DUI conviction in background
was convicted and sentenced Class # 2 DUInfelony conviction in 2014
Call the Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.
Can a lawyer actually help me get my license back sooner?
I'm an IL resident who got a dui in WI. I got a letter from IL telling my license will be revoked In IL in 5 days for a year. I've been told that I can't apply for a hardship license for months and a lawyer can't really do anything to get me one faster. WI revoked my license for 7 months and I paid my fines. My classes/group are half done.
The information you received is incorrect. You are eligible for an administrative hearing with the Sec of State's...
I am on 2 years probation in illinois for a misdemeanor dui and failed to appear for probation violation court
I violated my misdemeanor probation for a dui nov. 2015 and have been going to court and posted bond of $550 for the probation violation. I missed court last month because I feared jail because I had a couple dirty urine screens. And now I have a warrant out and I live in wisconsin right over the state line from the county in illinois where I got into trouble and the warrant says extradition limited.. will they extradite me from wi?? And how can I find out how limited the extradition is exactly? And I also have a bond forfeiture hearing scheduled this month. Idk what to do. My public defender is out of office until January 3rd. I am scared of jail bc I am on methadone maintenance and have an almost 5 month old baby and didn't want to miss her first Christmas and thanksgiving.
You generally won't be extradited from Wisconsin due to a misdemeanor bench warrant, meaning it's unlikely that the...