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Can I request a hair follicle test while in drug court. I produced a dilute sample due to kidney problems ?
I was in renal failure eight months ago had to have a stent put in kidney it was removed . I had a bad urinary tract infection a month ago . It felt like it was coming back I drank a lot of cranberry juice an produced a diluted sample to drug court . I want to request hair follicle test
Hair follicle test could help. However, the better question is whether you have a good defense for your drug case....
Im 17 what would happen if i failed a drug test. and have never been in trouble with drugs before and im not on probation?
scared i might needa take a drug test. an ive never been in trouble with the law with drugs before and im not on probation what would be the concequences of me failing a drug test
You do not give enough details to properly answer your question. Who is administering the test, for what purpose, law...
Im trying to get my liscense back for old traffic tickets no felonys no dui mainly suspended liscence
Is there any way they can be combined i make 400 $ a week of course that goes to bills plus im paying irs 40 a week plus insurance i need help but nobody can tell me a direct answer
Any way what can be combined? If you mean all of your tickets - No, unless they are all in the same court. If your...
Can I get out of my dui
I was recently charged with dui. I was going 16 over and I saw the cops lights turn on. when I pulled over he said he saw me throwing a joint out the window. he searched me and my car and even the trunk which I believe is illegal without my consent and he didn't find any incriminating evidence. the only test he ran was the eye test which I believe I passed based on his reaction. he also broke my watch which I had just bought and was on my way back from getting. is this case possible to beat and what would you do to beat it?
Please hire an attorney. We see people day in and day out in justice court trying to represent themselves and even when...
I moved to Hattiesburg ,MS from Texas . How soon I need to transfer my driving License? If not what are the PENALTIES?
What are the consequences if I fail to transfer My driving licence with in 6 months. If not what are the PENALTIES?
Usually you're suppose to apply for a new license within 10-20 days. You could get an infraction or misdemeanor if you...
I was convicted of a DWI 1st offense over a year ago. Never showed up on my record. Now a bench warrant?
I was convicted of a DWI 1st offense over a year ago. I paid the entire fine upfront and was placed on 6 months probation, in which I was ordered to complete a MASEP class series. I live out of state and was unable to attend the MASEP classes due to traveling for work. I did keep in touch and pay my probation officer well over 6 months. Also, the DWI offense NEVER showed up on my driving record. A few months after conviction, I got my license changed to Louisiana license. Is there any option to get out of going to MASEP classes. My probation officer informed me last month that a bench warrant would be issued if I had not completed the MASEP classes by April, of which I have not done.
MASEP and victims impact are required.
Will I be able to not be charged with a dui other?
I recently went through a roadblock and the officer said he smelt marijuana. He asked if I had smoked lately and I said I had atleast 5 hours before. He searched my car and didn't find any marijuana Bc I didn't have any but did find an ecstasy pill. I wasn't given any kind of field test or a blood or urine test for the dui but was still written up for it. I know I have a possession of controlled substance for sure but I am confused as to how I can be given a dui other if there is not really any evidence to that besides that I said I had 5+ hours before and I don't believe I was under the influence anymore at the time
The officer will likely testify to "a strong smell of marijuana" coming from your car, and that he observed signs of...