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Is there a time limit to be drug tested after an accident
They did not give a pre-employment drug screen. And we already fixed the fence that was broken
It depends on the purpose of the test. For the results to be used as evidence in a DUI case, 3 hours is the standard....
If dmv set my suspension aside on a dui arrest and later plead guilty to a wet reckless will I still need to file an sr22
I was arrested for a dui, I blew a 0.09 at the seen, my blood test came back 0.06. I plead guilty to a wet reckless
No you will not have to file an SR22. DMV's requirement for an SR22 will not apply to you because your license is not...
Can I get an IID in my car if I got a DUI while under 21?
I was convicted of a DUI with GBI in December of 2015. I was under 21 when I got my DUI but am 21 now. So as of right now the mandotory actions part of the dmv has told me I can't get any license until then. (Hard Suspension). I forgot to ask if I was eligible for an IID. So my question is can I get an IID installed in my vehicle is that part of the hard suspension. Thanks
no if you have a gbi that means you plead to a felony with injuries. one year hard suspension from conviction date
Can my wife receive unemployment insurance after getting a DUI?
My wife worked as a Veterinarian and got a DUI on her day off. The owner of the vet practice, is a close friend and told my wife that she was no longer employed. It's been a week now and my wife was told her last check would be available on 10/9/15.
She can apply, but the vet practice can appeal if she is awarded benefits. If they show that she caused her termination...
Whats going to happen, ?1st dui offense booked&released i called DA office for lab results for 3 months. now 8mo later a warrent
i never got a court date or warrent in my mail, and i called the da office for the first few months for my blood test license is still even valid.Now all of a sudden 8 mo down the road theres a No Bail warrent. and im on summery probation i was already booked and released at the time of arrest. also i wasnt even under the influence of anything! i was out of gas on the side of the road, they did.there sobriety tests on me like 6 times before i had to give blood...and searched the vehicle a bunch of times too...the only thing i had was prescription meds in there correct bottles and i take them as prescribed.i cant afford a lawyer.if theres jail time, how long? or better yet,,how can i beat this and not have to go to jail for this No Bail warrent?...i havent done anything wrong
If you cannot afford a lawyer, request a court appointed one. "I can't afford a lawyer, so tell me how to be one on...
Convicted of vc23152a and b b was dropd no blood or urine taken can I reverse this to b
As a effects my atf profile negatively
On nov 11th I was in a accident , no injurys , but the cop thought I was drunk , but I blew nothing , but the night before I had
taken lunesta and xanax , to this date I have not been charged and I had a hearing with the DMV and I was cleared to keep my license. I hired at DA and he went to court and I was not on the docket , is their a chance I may get lucky and do they test for those things ? I CANNOT GET A DUI , please help !!
Yes you can be charged with a prescription drug DUI. I have handled several of these cases as both a prosecutor and a...