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Why do I now have two separate suspensions from DMV for DUI?
After going through the initial APS hearing, the letter I received stated I have a suspension that will last 30 days from April 2nd. I would then be eligible for a restricted license for 5 months. It also said I could wait 4 months hard restriction to get my unrestricted license back in August. Now after going through court and being found guilty of the DUI, I received another letter from the DMV saying that my suspension starts from May 19th(date of conviction) through November 19th. Which is actually correct? Is my unrestricted privilege now extended to November? Can I get credit for the hard suspension period already served? I haven't driven since April 2nd.
The DUI suspensions from the DMV are very complicated. The reality is that after 30 days of not driving, once you...
California DUI conviction 3 years ago, moved out of the country, now moving back but to a different state.
3 years ago I received a DUI in the state of California. I have served my community service, paid all of my fines, and I did an online alcohol school per my court orders because I have been living out of the country for the last 3 years. In 8 months I will be moving back to America but not California. How can I prepare to get a license in the state that I move to (as of right now will either be Arizona, Minnesota, New York, or Florida) before I move back to the country?
You need to call the DMV's Mandatory Actions Unit at (916) 657-6525 and request an "out of state termination of action."...
Does DMV or court decide how long a license suspension is?
My case involves a DUI refusal. I have already had the DMV APS hearing, and the result was that the DMV did not treat the matter as a refusal. The DMV representative told me I can get a restricted license after 30 day hard suspension. I have also received the letter from the DMV stating this(30 day hard suspension, 5 month restricted). I know that a refusal can potentially lead to a 1 year suspension. My criminal case in court is still pending. The public defender is trying to work with the DA to get the refusal enhancement dropped. My question is if the enhancement cannot be dropped, can my license still be suspended by the court or DMV for a year?
What does your public defender have to say about this?
Will the reserves still find out even though they have no reason to do a background check on me?
I am an army reservist and received a DUI. It has been two weeks with no word from my command. I have read that the military will do frequent background checks on active duty members, as well as a background check for anybody who is trying to get a promotion or security clearance. I have not read anything about the reserves doing routine background checks, or doing them with no reason to do so.
The DOD will eventually find out, if not within the next few weeks. It is not a question of "if, but when." The...
Blood draws after car collision - DUI?
I rear ended a vehicle. Police came to scene. Was taken to hospital by ambulance. Blood was taken at hospital. I was released. I understand if you are driving a vehicle in California hospitals automatically administer a blood test for alcohol. No DUI investigation was done at scene and I was not cited or arrested. A few hours earlier I had had a little to drink. There is a remote chance my BAC was not 0 at time of accident. I imagine it is almost impossible it was over the legal limit, but I find myself wondering the following: - Are results automatically shared with DMV, police, or insurance companies? If not, can I do anything to ensure privacy? - If there is alcohol in blood but less than legal limit will that still trigger DMV or criminal proceedings? - What should I do, if anything, at this point to protect myself?
First of all, don't share this information with anyone but an attorney. There is no privilege in this forum....
What can I expect from the court for probation terms and jail time(if any)?
Arrested in February for DUI. I do not remember anything about the incident as I was in a blackout. Had no intention of driving that night and am extremely remorseful for this, but cant do anything about the past now. My BAC was .165. Police report says I refused any alcohol test and kept asking for an attorney before consenting to a test. Judge ordered a test and I complied. Charged with DUI, enhancement for being over .15, and enhancement for refusal. DMV license suspension already in effect. DMV only suspended for 30 days with restricted license afterwards. I am aware I will have alcohol school for 3-9 months, that I will have to pay 3900 in fines, and will be on probation. I have no prior record, full time masters degree student, employed. I'm really worried about what's next or if anything else is going to happen to me.
Consult with an attorney in your area. If you are. even thought eh DMV did not impose a one year refusal suspension, If...
Is a lawyer useful to get me a good deal on DUI? What can my punishment be?
I got a .12/.13 DUI. First DUI, clean record before this. I posted bail and was given 4/28 as a court date. What can I expect as a punishment? Fines? Jail? I'm also undocumented.
You most certainly should hire an attorney. In addition to the court proceedings there are the DMV proceedings. DMV...