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I had a 2nd dui December 2013, I moved out of state a year. Vacating DUI school because of different state requirements?
I had a 2nd dui December 2013. I moved out of state to the east coast august 2014. I NEVER HAD a CA drivers license i have a washington state license. We're a military family who moves a lot. I was orders by courts to do dui school in another state BUT the requirements here are completely different and do not meet the courts requests AT ALL. My question is, since dui school is not available here and online school, the dmv won't accept it anyway. Can I vacate the dui school especially since it's been well over a year for dmv to suspend my license even though it was never CA issued. I should be able to turn in my WA license for my curent state license without issue from ca? We have no plans whatsoever to return to ca.
NEVER returning to CA? That's unlikely for a military family, but, ok. Contact the Mandatory Action Unit in...
What will happen if I am 3.5 years through formal probation for embezzlement but was arrested for DUI in Santa Clara County?
I have been on formal probation for an embezzlement case stemming from LA County. I have finished all community service, paid all restitution early and had a court date a month ago for early termination/expungement but it got delayed a month later because the prosecutor was not prepared. With my luck, I went out celebrating a great new job and got caught driving drunk. I was arrested and received my frist DUI. I have an appointment with my PO in a few days. Should I tell her? I have a good relationship with her as she knows that I have a good career and a good person who sometimes make bad decisions. The DUI was a lapse in judgement as I don't drink often. Will she violate me and arrest me during my appointment? She is a PO in Ventura County.
You aren't going to get a meaningful answer on this site. If you can't predict what your probation officer will do,...
Ventura County DUI court case dismissed, do I have to complete DUI program?
My DMV ADMINISTRATIVE PER SE - .O8% BAC NOTIFICATION OF FINDINGS AND DECISION and AMENDED ORDER OF RESTRICTION both clearly state that if convicted, I will be required to complete a DUI program. That indicates that as I was not convicted, (case was dismissed pursuant to PC 1385 ; re Can not prove beyond a reasonable doubt on the motion of People) I will not be required to complete the DUI program. That is my goal. But, stated on the back of the APS is "If I enroll and fail to participate, the department will suspend your driving privilege for up to four months”. If that's the case, can I get a restricted license for the term of that suspension, and not have to complete the DUI program? Will I require DMV form DS-702 and will I be forced to compel the DA/prosecutor to fill it out,?
First of all, congratulations on getting your case dismissed. As far as getting a restricted driver's license you...
What is past jail time in ventura county for 4th DUI felony?
Was arrested in November for my 4th DUI and was just called that the DA finally is pressing charges almost 8 months later. It is my 4th in the 10 year period but there was no accident and no one else involved. what is the possible jail time in ventura county? I am a business owner and sole supporter of my family. I am now sober since then. something that i thought would be impossible. the possibility of going to jail and missing my kids made me put the bottle down.
In California, DUI #4 is a FELONY with a maximum of three years in (local) prison. The Ventura County DA will be...
Whats the worst that can happen for a Dui of Marijuana
Im 17 years old, and i live in California. When the inccident happened i was 16. I have court in about 2 weeks for this charge and would like to know whats the worst possible scenario that could happen before my parents start spending thousands on Lawyers. Thanks alot. And dont forget im a Minor, i dont know if they deal with these cases differently between adults and minors. Thanks alot -Sam
In juvenile court, you probably won't face time in custody, but you face a one year driver license suspension. If...
I got a 23136(a) if it gets dismissed, does the DMV still suspend my license for a year?
I got stopped because I was driving while I was talking on the phone. I went to court and pled guilty to the 23136 and he dismissed the telephone violation. The judge gave me the option of going to a 12 week alcohol program and if I complete the program he will dismiss the alcohol infraction. I went to the DMV the day after court and they said that my license is suspended for a year anyway. I have to go back to court in 3 months with my certificate of completion for the alcohol program. If it gets dismissed it doesn't make sense to me that they will still suspend my license.
The DMV may get notice of the DUI from the police and the DMV takes action independent of the court. To get your...
I have heard that Ventura County will soon use ankle monitoring for dui offenders.
The work furlough program is going to close soon. Has any lawyers been able to get ankle monitoring for a 2nd or more Dui case yet, In Ventura county?
Is your question asking if Ventura County will allow someone to serve their mandatory jail time on a second or third...