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They have offered: plead guilty to owi 1st and owi 2nd, fines of $900 and $1500, 40 days jail, IID, and continue AODA, and they will dismiss Resisting an Officer and traffic violation. What can/should my attorney counter offer be??
Your attorney can/should determine that.
Do I have to wait tell the state if mn contacts wi to notify them before I can re apply for a wi license.. And will I have to pay WI reinstatment fee as well as MN?
You should be looking to hire an attorney in Minnesota first and foremost.
Or can you keep your normal wi plates on?
Special plates? I don't know about any law in Wisconsin that requires you to change the license plates on your vehicle...
This person was not driving but has been told it will be considered as an owi for car insurance purposes. Therefore causing a complete domino affect leading all the way to credit worthiness, this being told to her by her insurance company representative.
Was the person in a car at the time of getting the ticket? In the drivers seat? With the key in the ignition or...
1st Owi, St. Croix County WI. .250 BAC result from blood test. Breathalyzer was .23 The date my license will be "suspended/intent to revoke" is before my court date by about 2 weeks. Can I obtain a occupational before the court date for work?
You can apply to the DMV, but with that BA I doubt you will get much help.
what can happen to this situation
The short answer to your question is that, yes, one party, most likely the male (assuming male-female intercourse) can...
I was already pulled over and stopped, asking two little old lady's directions a police officer came to the seen and asked me to get out of the car he said someone called in a weaving car. I was trying to read a map while my passenger was actually driving and the car was on cruise control going down a highway. I stopped at a gas station filled up bought some food and then went the wrong way and found the lady's. the car was legally parked. I was arrested after the breathalyzer the passenger was free to go with groceries and beer. The car was towed and I told the police that I had $1800 under the seat and a valuable computer in a case in the suv some stuff was stolen from the computer bag and they said there was no $1800. I spent 4 days in jail before I could get the deputies to run my bond
If you were in the driver's seat and failed a breathalyzer test it is going to sound like DUI. Based on your story, you...