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Would a DUI affect chances of Citizenship
I have a marraige based Green Card since 2006. I was recently involved in a DUI which I have pleaded non guilty. I want to file for Citizenship.
A singular Misdemeanor DUI without any complications (like leaving a scene of the accident with bodily damage) which...
Why cops asked me about my employer during DWI arrest?
During DWI arrest cops asked me about my employer name and address. Why? I work for private company and my work is not associated with driving in any way. Is anybody (cops, court etc) required to report my arrest to the employer?
Yes you may be working at the time for the government for which reporting of the arrest and incident could be required.
Can I go to the dmv in the State on Nj to find out if I have any violation? Will they have any vital information on my record?
I ran pass a red light couple of days ago by accident. Can I go to dmv to find out if I have any violation? Because the address they have on file I no longer stay there, so even if I got any fine through the mail I wouldn't know. I know if the was any camera that took picture of my License number.
Yes go to NJMVC they can print out your driver's abstract which will show everything on your record. Costs about $15....
I just received a dwi. I live in NJ was looking for a pro bono lawyer i don't have a lot of money can i get help???
I cant afford that kind of money! Can u please help me find a pro bono lawyer in NJ?
You will not find a pro bono lawyer for a DWI. You can apply for a public defender, which you will qualify for if you...
Moving with dui pending
if i get a florida license before i lose my nj license for dui how long until florida finds out about nj suspension?
I would be very careful if I were you. Florida DHMSV will ask you if you currently hold a license from another state,...
DUI / Time on Driver Record-(NJ)
Does a DUI stay on your Driving Record FOREVER???? IF NOT, Then What Is The Common known TIME/YEARS LENGTH (on your RECORDs)??? DMV:_?_(record) Insurance:_?_(record) Legal:_?_(record) ----**(or any other existing records).---- -----And why is it so hard to get an actual answer ??? thanx
Why is it so hard to get an actual answer? It is hard to answer because separate agencies own their own recording...
DUI charge from 10 years ago has no record of me going to IDRC, paying surcharges, etc.. and now wants me to complete?
I recently received a DUI sometime last year and recently got it resolved. This wound up opening a can of worms to my previous DUI from over 10 years where my license was suspended. Based on the initial conversations supposedly the DUI from 10 years ago was pending and I guess was never reported to IDRC, etc... however, I remember attending IRDC. So now after just completing IDRC for my most recent DUI from last year they want me to repeat for the conviction from 10 years and pay additional surcharges and restoration fees before I get my license back. What am I supposed to do?
Without proof of completion it sounds like your going to have to do it again, but since you probably had a lawyer for...