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If you are on probation and get a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident will that automatically violate you?
on probation for DUI 1st offense got pbj - - got car stuck on RR tracks late at nite - left to try to get help but couldn't get anyone until morning and by then the police had the car - - was no drinking or drugs involved got 2 payable fines and the must appear for leaving scene
You will most likely be violated because you failed to obey all laws and your charge is a serious traffice offense. You...
What are my chances of jail time for my first DUI in Maryland?
Crashed car with BAC of .15. No other people or cars were involved and no other persons were injured whatsoever.
You have a good chance of avoiding jail as a first time offender. You need to consult with an attorney immediately....
What are the odds of receiving a Stet on a DUI charge in Baltimore City?
I received a DUI charge on account of car accident (total loss, no injuries) in Baltimore City while still on probation (PBJ) for a DUI charge in Baltimore County, which was also due to a car accident (total loss, no 3rd party involved). The officer claims that I refused the breathalyzer test this time. I am not eligible for a PBJ again, obviously, so what are the odds of receiving a Stet or Nolle Prosequi disposition? What kind of sentence should I expect in this scenario?
Every case is different depending on the specific facts. Since you are already on probation for DUI, the likelihood of...
First time DUI with 0.13 BAC from breathalyzer as well as speeding charges (74/35) and reckless driving. Possible outcomes?
Pulled over for speeding (74 in 35 zone) + reckless driving charges 'Poor performance' in field sobriety test as indicated by report BAC 0.13 with breathalyzer at the police station (after refusing breathalyzer on road) Was cooperative the whole time & released on own recognizance (w/o bail)
There are possible defenses and steps to take to protect your rights and improve your position. You should contact an...
I had my first DUI in Howard County last year? and now a 2nd one
I got pulled over by an under cover cop who was preying on me across the street where I was at. He pulled me over at 12:30 am with another undercover. I asked the reason of my stop he explained I did not stop at a stop sign. which was a complete lie, however I stepped out my car and made me walk back and forth on and on. he asked me to blow I refused . they searched my car and couldn't find anything . and put me in handcuffs took me to the station and I refused to blow again. he gave me a charge of driving while under the influence. WHAT is going to happen? is it bad I didn't blow?
You need a lawyer immediately. You have a short time frame to request a MVA hearing or you can elect the ignition...
How can I gain employment in my profession of education with a STET on a docket filed on a court case from 2015?
A police pulls me over for what he says 'I was swerving,' however I realized that I was taking the wrong exit. I pulled my vehicle over to the continuing lane, without any traffic proceeding. He has me to walk a straight line and I fail because I'm nervous and need corrective foot surgery on both feet. He arrests me for dui; however, after I'm stripped search and finger printed they find out my breathalyzer reads 0.5 at the police precent. He waits, waits, and waits for someone to come to draw my blood. No one does. They allow me a phone call and someone picks me up before the hour is up to send me to commissioner's court. I get a lawyer who tells me he'll do all the talking at the court case. He pleads guilty to a "Negligent Driving Vehicle in Careless and Imprudent Manner Endangering Property, Life and Person." Case Type: Traffic I'm fined $75.00 and 2 points. Date: 07/02/2015 Points of this past July. STET inactive: October 2018 I'm unable to get employment as a teacher in Anne Arundel Co. Never knew I had/jave a STET on this case b/c it wasn't stated on the case summary. I've never been arrested for anything before this infraction.
It sound like your lawyer did a good job for you. The DUI charge was placed on the inactive docket and you do not have...
Will a DUI evaluation require me to take a drug test?
My lawyer suggested I voluntarily go get an evaluation after getting my first DUI (alcohol). He said the doctor could help with setting up the alcohol education classes I have to take. I smoked some marijuana a few days before the DUI and I'm worried they evaluation will include a drug test which I would most likely fail.
You need to discuss this with your lawyer. He is the one representing you in connection with your case and will be most...