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If you are on probation and get a ticket for leaving the scene of an accident will that automatically violate you?
on probation for DUI 1st offense got pbj - - got car stuck on RR tracks late at nite - left to try to get help but couldn't get anyone until morning and by then the police had the car - - was no drinking or drugs involved got 2 payable fines and the must appear for leaving scene
You will most likely be violated because you failed to obey all laws and your charge is a serious traffice offense. You...
I got charged with a dui and i am underage what do you think the outcome will be
i was pulled over for failure to drive right of center
I think you have serious problems since you are underage and drinking and all states now have a "zero tolerance" law in...
I have a 2 part question for an experienced criminal (DUI) attorney and seeking input on defense exploits.
The DA is hanging her hat on a blood draw from a hospital. A supeana decces teum was issued. Atty. Justin McSHANE, exhaustively covers hospital blood draws:not forensic. Before getting into that level of debate, what would defense approach be if: 1) I was detained not arrested, in hospital ICU with TBI, did not consent (I was cognitively impaired with a subdural hematoma, a potentially life threatening injury), officer either waited for an ETOH reading (time-stamp) then charged me, or charged me before the reading. Would DA need a grand jury supeana to satisfy HIPPA laws? Does Missouri vs McNeally apply? Qualified personnel, can I demand that the nurse (if it was a nurse) who took my blood be present at trial, the tech\analyst, the custodian of records, ect?
The questions you ask are highly technical and are factually dependent and thus require a careful review of the...
If i got a D.U.I. in pa. And moved to Colorado can and will pa. Extradite me and can i get a drivers license in Colorado
I got a D.U.I. in Pa. Will they send me back if not can i get a Colorado drivers license
You need to ask this question of a PA and CO attorney.
Can Florida assess additional penalties for DUI convictions?
I am currently a resident of Maryland. I am moving to Florida. I have 4 DUI convictions in Maryland. No cases are open. They have all been settled in Maryland. I do have an interlock installed in my vehicle. Not on probation. No current suspension or revocation of driving privilege.
You should really ask this question of a FL lawyer. But your biggest problem is probably going to be trying to get a FL...
Does it matter if I have a $1000 attorney or a $2500 one for a first time dui. BAC .11
I have been talking to a few attorneys. The general consensus is that I will get a pbj. In this case is a more expensive attorney ($2500) better than one who charges $1000. The more expensive attorney is probably more familiar with the county I got the dui in (Montgomery county, Maryland) Does this matter ? If I am still going to get a PBJ what can a more expensive attorney who is likely to be more familiar with my county do that is better then going with a less expensive attorney who has done cases in my county but he is from a different county (Carol county, Maryland).
No one can tell you whether the $2,500.00 attorney is better than the $1,000.00 attorney. You must decide based upon...
What do you have to do with regards to paperwork and fines to receive a restricted license after a DUI?
First time offense. I plan on meeting with lawyers soon. But I am just wondering what kinds of paperwork and fines do you have to go through in order to receive the restricted license. This is assuming that the judge grants my request for one at the MVA hearing.
Assuming you are eligible your lawyer will be able to tell you what you need to present to the ALJ to support that request.