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Can I appeal the length of an ignition interlock sentence?
2nd diu. Complied with all other requirments, community service, IDRC, ect.Still have 4 years of interlock after 2 years of license suspension.Also completed 6 months of I.o.p voluntary.
Really not enough information to answer. Likely not,, since it is over two years since your conviction, but knowing...
My ex-husband got a dui and got fired he is in the Arrears $5100 and has not paid any alimony in 5wks ...can I
have him close his 401K, annuity or fedility investment accounts in order to receive present and Arrears alimony. If I take him to court would he be responsible for the attorney fee's and can the judge order him to withdrawl his money from any retirement accounts, 401k etc...I haven't worked in 25yrs and I'm having trouble finding a job and looking to go back to school...can anyone help.
If he has legitimately lost his employment, it is unlikely that the court will take any drastic action in enforcement...
Have a DUI but need to drive for a sales job. Is there Anyway that's possible?
I am 21 in NJ with no past criminal record. I was stopped and given a DUI with a .11 BAC. I was a self employed photographer but its barely making a dent in my bills. Ive had plenty of prospective job offers but all require a license/transportation because Im in sales. I've read that there is no restricted license law in this state. Is there Anything that I can do to take one of these jobs? Any loopoleso that I can drive for work?
I'm afraid there are no work exceptions in NJ. You're only hope is to beat the dwi. Hire an experienced attorney for...
I'm currently on probation and meet with my PO once a week. I also have to attend IOP for a DWI a couple of years ago.
My PO said that seeing her and attending IOP is more important than working. If they can't work around my work schedule, I'm supposed to leave my job. Then, of course I will get fired and can't pay my fines so will not be in compliance. Can she do this??
You must see your PO when you must see your PO. Sorry about that. They don't make special hours to accommodate your job....
I just got my second dui in nj it is current still. I have family in florida would I be able to obtain my license there.
I got 2 duis in the same mont the second one I was pulled over for speeding and then he asked if I had been drinking. I was caught due to speeding not being drunk. I was told if you move to florida you may be able to obtain one. it makes sense due to people being able to get carrying permits like a kid getting bubble gum out of a machine but I wanted to ask professionals.
Even if you can get your license in Florida, you still can't drive in NJ until your suspensions are completed otherwise...
MD licensed driver got DUI in NJ.
Hello, I was pulled over in Buenna Vista NJ and got a DUI. I blew 0.07 but this is my 2nd offense. My first one was in Virginia about 2 years ago. I was told by the officer that my license will not get suspended in MD but I can not drive in PA, NJ and DE. I will appreciate all the anseers I can get. Thank you.
first piece of advice is to retain an attorney immediately. While you may have only blown a point 07 the state can...
Will I be charged?
I completely blacked out in Atlantic City and woke up in the ER. I didn't get fluids or anything. I'm pretty sure the cops brought be to the hospital. I don't think I was being disorderly or anything. What happens next? Do I get a ticket or a court date in the mail? My blood alcohol was over 300
No lawyer can answer a question as to whether somebody will be criminally charged when there is no information provided.