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I otherwise am a clean decent educated person with no other history
This isn't a legal question. No attorney can answer whether this will affect an employers decision to hire you. If the...
I am wondering how many exact days i would do on a 6 month sentence after good time with 22 days time served? does the 2/3 rule apply for the time you spent awaiting sentence? example every 2 days you get 1 credited so that 22 would really be 31 days in?
On 6 months you do 4 months less any time already served on the same case.
I completed an intensive residential program (Insight House, Utica), a halfway house (SBH) and outpatient treatment (SBH) before I was even put on probation. I have been on for 2 years now. I have been sober for 3 years. I am in my fourth semester at OCC and plan on transferring to ESF. I do volunteer work and fundraise for local community organizations. No police contact or failed drug test in three years.
Anything is possible but it will probably be an uphill battle. You can try asking your probation office and if that...
the last charge is in a small town court
Probation is possible. ................
Would asthma disqualify me from shock program ?
I believe the person faces 2 to 4 years in jail.
I was charged with an aggravated DWI in the state of New York. I was pulled over, completed two field sobriety tests (first the test where I had to follow a light with my eyes without moving my head and second the walking in a straight line test) and then I was breathalyzed. After being breathalyzed, I was put in handcuffs, arrested and taken to the station. I know police officers aren't required to read Miranda rights before an arrest for a DWI takes place, but I was never read my rights upon being physically arrested or back at the station. Will this affect my case in any way? Could charges possibly be dismissed or lessened because of this?
The failure to give a defendant his Miranda warnings would not directly lead to a case being dismissed, or the charges...
Got a DWI reduced to a DWAI in NY a year ago. Just graduated college and had plans to move to the Boston area. If a company in MA was to run a basic background check, would they be able to see my DWAI conviction?
If they obtain access to the DMV, which they could on a background check, then it will show that you have a DWAI...