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My brother is on probation for a dui and was arrested again for felony 148 (d) pc and felony 69 pc.
He was arrested for a dui approximately 3 months ago and was arrested on Monday for felony attempting to disarm a police officer and resisting an executive officer. He is still in jail and his arraignment is tomorrow. His bail is $20,000 and he plans to plead not guilty. What might be the consequences of this?
He needs an attorney. If he cannot afford an attorney a public defender will be assigned to him. He is looking at two...
Hi, Could I ask some questions about the DUI driving?
My husband was pulled over because the plate light was broken, but during the conversation, the police found he was drunk, and the alcohol test is over 0.08%. He was put in jail for a night. It’s our first time to handle the DUI. It will be really great if we could have you help us with several questions: He got a temporal driver license for 30 days when his CA driver license was confiscated. During the 30 days, he could drive to anywhere, like to other state, right? The temporal driver license doesn’t restrict to “driving to and from employment or DUI program”, right? Will he be asked to do the community service and take a DUI program? If so, Could he start these around two months after the court date, since we have to leave CA for two months. Thank you very much in advance!
DUIs are no laughing matter and must be handled carefully. Rather than trying to learn everything you can online, I...
DUI expungement
In 2007 when I was 18 I got a DUI in CA. It was the first time I had been in trouble and I haven't been in trouble since. I plead no contest to 1) 23152(a) VC M 2) 23152(b) VC M and then it says ct 1 was dismissed. I received 3 years of unsupervised probations and 3 months of alcohol classes which were all completed. I wanted to see about getting my DUI expunged, I printed forms CR-180 and MC-031. I now live in Oregon so I wanted to ask if this is something I will be able to do from up here and without a lawyer? Thank you in advance for your help!
Some county courts in California will have instructions on how to petition for a PC 1203.4 explaining how many copies...
Can I get DUI charges dismissed if I give information on drug dealers in the area?
The D.A. has already offered me a dry and reckless. I have a dear friend that is hooked on heroin and I know the details of her dealer; name, phone number, address. I also know of a home in town where marijuana is being grown illegally. I want to turn these people in anyways. Will the D.A. drop my case if I give this info?
You might. You might also get yourself and your friend killed. Drug dealers often retaliate against snitches who...
Which plea deal is better for a DUI? A dry reckless or exibition of speed?
Which looks better to schools and employers?
Exhibition of speed looks better than a dry reckless, in my opinion.
Got 2nd DUI, not in 4 counties with pilot program, is IID Mandatory?
Where in vehicle code does it govern 2nd time DUI penalties?
Vehicle Code 23542 is one of them. IID is not required but, depending on what happens and your specific driving needs,...
These questions are only for a CA attorney. I have 3 DUI (1st Wet Reckless - 11/23/2007, 2nd DUI 2008 and 3rd DUI - 6/3/14)
On the first 2nd, I completed probation and the classes. 3rd - I was ordered to take & complete a 18 month multiple DUI class. However, I wasn't order to install ignition interlock device. Does the 6 months suspension start when your license was suspension or after court? Can I get a restricted license to drive to work?
Your post is confusing. What do you mean "on the first 2d"? Where are you getting 6 month suspension. With any dui,...