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Will I still be fined for faliure to appear in court?
So I got arrested for dui but I was not drunk or high, I took a breath test and blood test both came clean but I was still arrested Because I failed the field sobriety test, I was said to appear in court on or before the 12th but i went to see a lawyer for this and she said that I dont have to appear in court if I dont get nothing in the mail which I didnt. But im am wondering do i have to bench warrent out for me?
You need to speak with a lawyer. Plain and simple. Many (most) will offer free consultations. You need to confirm...
Is a California DMV Order of Suspension/Revocation of a driver's license valid if the mailing date differs from order date?
On May 23, 2017 I received a copy of an order from the DMV suspending my driver's licence "because of: a condition characterized by a lapse of consciousness or control." On May 14, 2017 I had gone to an emergency room and the doctor said I'd had a seizure. Page three of the hospital release papers falsely stated (in what looked like form text rather than a customary diagnosis) that I'd been diagnosed with epilepsy. My neurologist disputes me having epilepsy, and I do not yet know what the DMV was told by the hospital but I believe there may have been multiple inaccuracies. Furthermore my order was signed May 19, 2017 as being deposited in the mail (like a proof of service), but it doesn't actually say it was mailed that day; the envelope is stamped by USPS as mailed May 22, 2017. Would invalid proof a service be a legitimate cause to contest the order?
This can be a very daunting experience, for sure. It sounds like they're following normal patterns and, no, I do not...
How do i get my license back? I got a dui in november 2015 it is now March 2017 and i have never been convicted?
I went to pick up my nephew from a bar and got pulled over and arrested for a dui i wasn't drinking at the time but did have a few beers at dinner earlier that night. The officers took me to the hospital to get a blood test since i couldn't donthe breathalizer due to asthma acting up after that i was taken to the local jail where the officer said he would release me in two hours which he did. A minth later i went to check on the dui and nothing was on file and have not heard anything about it ever since.
It sounds like your license was suspended through a DMV administrative procedure because you failed to request a...
Will I be tested for Santa Barbara county swap on last day?
On my last day of swap will I be tested
I can't tell you if you will be tested as you complete the Work Alternative Program, but you need to ensure that you...
How can I expunge a DUI from my driving and criminal record?
A little over two years ago I was arrested in Santa Barbara, California, for driving under the influence. I registered with a .09, which is .01 over the legal blood alcohol content in California. I had never been arrested before, nor since, nor do I have any history of alcohol abuse or alcohol related problems. Most recently, I was offered a position which paid very well and was in line with the line of work I would like to be in, but the organization opted for rescinding the offer of employment once they decided that my driving and criminal record would be a liability to the organization. Needless to say, I would not want to go through that same experience again. Additionally, I think moving forward, even if I have an advanced degree in the field it would not serve me well if I would not be considered for positions because of this incident. So, I would like to know how I can put this behind me. Any suggestions or thoughts would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
I encourage you to seek a free consultation from a qualified lawyer. There are a variety of ways to approach this...
What's the average price for first offense dui representation
.20 first offense dui.
Not really the purpose of this forum, but beware the low-bidder as well as the high-bidder. Meet with a few attorneys....
I had two dui's 10 years ago but never completed my dui program is this program still mandatory after 10 years in CA.
i had these dui's 3 month from one another back in 2006 & it's been just over 10 years, the law in CA as i understand allows for these offenses to automatically clear from driving record after this time, but i was curious if the completion of a dui program after these offenses been cleared is still necessarry..... thanks in advance
The DMV will make you complete an 18-month program.