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I went down to the police station to give the police 60.00 to get my niece out for a DUI can I revoke the bond.
Is there anyway I can revoke the bond or what ever it was and have her put back in jail.
$60 is typically the bail commissioner fee. If you only paid $60 then it is likely she is out on personal recognizance...
I had an OUI 16 years ago in Maine. Plead guilty did the DEEP course and community service. is that removed from my record?
Was arrested last week for OUI. Would this be considered my second offense since the first was so long ago
If the date of your prior conviction is more than 10 years from the date of your current charge, you are charged with a...
Is it possible to submit a written plea for leniency in advance or in lieu of a BMV administrative hearing?
I had a clean record until totalling my car in a single vehicle accident while driving at a BAC of .15. I feel it is relevant to my defense that I suffer from a mental illness that requires me to take a number of prescription medications. On the day of the accident I was basically self-medicating with alcohol. My psychiatrist has told me he will discharge me if I drink again. Given the years of hard work it took for the two of us to get me off SSDI losing him would be almost akin to a death sentence, far beyond any punishment the BMV or courts may impose. There are additional factors surrounding my illness that I feel are relevant. Given their sensitivity I do not want to discuss these topics in some sort of open forum. Is it possible to make a written plea to the BMV? I expect to be contacted within the next few days for an admin. hearing. Thank you!
No, it is no possible. There are no pleas for leniency with BMV. After BMV sends notice of suspension, you must: (1)...
If i refuse a drug test from my probation officer will I go to jail? Or will he/or she suggest counciling?
I'm suppose to to get drug tested today. I had a week to get clean from my last drug test which I failed for cocaine. What if I used again within that time or still have it in my system?
The consequence to you of failing a second drug test or refusing the second test is up to your individual probation...
My FL license was suspended for 10 years for 3rd DUI 4 years ago, however Im now living in Maine. Can I get a hardship here?
Everything I read online says the revoked license must be cleared up in FL l before anything can be done but what if I never move back to FL?
Your question was posted under the wrong category. To further assist you, I am reclassifying it to the DUI category,...
Transportations of Drugs by a Minor
I have a summons to court for Transportation of drugs by a minor. I was stopped at 2 am driving my friends who weren't fit to drive. The cop explained that this could result in a suspension of my license which I find crazy because I had no clue there were drugs. The cop claimed the car reeked of pot like we were smoking but I let NO ONE smoke in my car. Should I consider getting someone to represent me on my summons date? It's only a civil offense but i feel as if the cop lied to search my passengers. No drugs were mine that was found. Possibly able to get the suspension dropped or the whole summons in all?
Consult an attorney in your area. This sounds like the sort of case that can sometimes result in a a favorable result.
OUI and OAS?
I got stopped at a sobriety checkpoint and was given a summons for an OUI even though I blew a .01. They took my urine (all they will find is allergy medication). Ive called the trooper over last month every week to find out my urine test results but all I get is "we still haven't got it back yet." Come to find out that my license was suspended due to medical reasons (which I got it back after going back and forth betweeen my doctor and BMV) and they gave me a summons for an OAS (my fault as I didn't change my address). Im anxious as I don't know what will happen when I go to court.
Do yourself a favor. Hire a lawyer. The OUI is defensible. In some parts of the State, you can avoid a conviction on...