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What kind of consequence am I facing for an AUO 2nd while on felony probation for a DWI?
I received a DWI, AUO 3rd, no seatbelt, and in September 2005 underage, and I was convicted of only the DWI, the rest were dropped, my fine was 500$ and to attend the NYS DDP, license revocation for a year. While that DWI was pending conviction , I received an AUO 3rd, pled guilty and paid a fine. In June of 2010 I received another DWI and because I was 4 months from a 5 year gap in my convictions it was a felony. I received 4 months of weekends, 6 months of EHM and 5 years probation. I've been on probation since Jan 5th 2011 and have had no trouble, I've quit drinking In general and never was a drug user so I've had clean urine screens the entire time, on oct 26 I crashed a truck due to a broken Tie-rod, I was sober, but I got an AUO 2nd, I was only car involved no PropDam
You face up to 4 years in jail for the probation violation.
What would be the best way for replying for my license.
I have 1 dui in 2001 and between May 2009 and May 2010 i had one 1 dui and 2 dwi's. I have completed probation and drug court. I'm able to reapply for my license. Im just not sure if i should go ahead and do it or is there something a attorney could help me with?
NY does not distinguish between a DUI or DWI. Are you saying you have 4 DWI convictions? If so, you should probably...
How do I obtain a copy of police dash cam from a 3 year old offense from Wayne county, New York
Unlawful flee of an officer. Misdemeanor. Time was served. July 2011 is when the incident occurred. Three police cars were involved. I would like access to all three. I was the one charged with the incident. I'm wondering what steps I have to take be able possess the said police dash cam videos. The incident occurred in Clyde, NY / Lyons, NY (Wayne county)
The videos may be available through your state's Open Records Act. However, I highly doubt that dash cam video from 3...
How do I prove to court I'm not an alcoholic?
I got a DWI a mistake and now after I got charged I'm being made to go to a bunch of classes etc 4 times a week which is ridiculous I haven't drank a drop since this happened and don't feel the need to how can I prove this?
Well you need to talk it over with your attorney and make sure the evaluation you received which mandated the treatment...
What do I face for an AUO 2nd on felony DWI probation, if I wasn't mirandized? 3 years on probation no violations, clean urine
I was in a one vehicle accident, my tie rod blew out and I rolled the vehicle 5 times, no property damage , no other cars involved, excellent probation record, no violations or dirty urine screens, no police contact, maintained Job whole time and have 2 children, 4 year old daughter and son coming at the end of January
You face re-sentencing of up to 4 years in jail on the felony DWI charge if you are found guilty of violating your...
I am moving to Florida for an internship. I have a conditional license in NY. Will I be able to drive to work?
New York to Florida w/ a conditonal
Assuming that the Conditional License is the result of a DWI or DWAI charge or conviction in New York State, and you...
Dropping AUO 2nd degree (2nd one in 6 mos) w/ a revoked license
I am on the dean's list aspiring to go to med school. I work full time to support my 2 kids. Father doesn't pay child support. Thought my license was valid, but tonight I got my 2nd AUO 2nd degree - reason for revokation was 3 speeds within 18 mos. Police officer was waiting for me at my house tonight to see if my license was valid and saw me driving. I'm not a lowlife, i'm trying to better myself and i do community service as well. Public defender and judge stated that probation isn't an option in NYS for this offense. He offered one week jailtime for the first offense and i go back next month to plead. What can I do? I can be barred from medical board for incarceration.
It is going to be a hard sell convincing a jury that you thought your license was valid when you were recently charged...