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What to do when anonymous email was supposedly sent to someone's job accusing him/her of drug use?
I recently resigned job as a nurse after working with a company for several years w/ outstanding annual evaluations & excellent patient/family care reports. We could not keep nurses or any help at that and the stress and offc disorganization had gotten out of hand. I would be called in to meet w/ newer supervisor over any minute thing then suddenly was called in w/ supervisor telling me the company received a anonymous bad statement on someone with my same first name. No last name was reported. They told me I was the only employee with this common first name and that they had absolutely no suspicion I was using drugs & that I had outstanding performance but the corporate boss demanded them call me in for drug test. I was very upset d/t the constant picking w/ paper work, etc. instead of letting me do my job and care for the patients/families that this sudden absurd humiliating assumption was enough & I declined the test. They told me if I didn't take the test I would be terminated so I resigned. They told me they can turn my name in to state and my Nursing license may be pulled. What do I need to do?
You posted this to DUI. I will forward it to Employment Law
If your PO violates you for failing a drug test W/o catching any new charges can a lawyer get that warrant lifted ?
I failed a drug test was never offered to go to a drug program whatsoever and my po violates me.. I haven't caught any new charges and i honesty dont feel like i deserve to go to jail maybe a program but jail is taking it to far i have came a long way
There is not enough information here for me to know whether you had an opportunity to go to a "program." At this point...
Can I be found guilty of DUI if I was sitting sideways facing out driver side window with no keys in ignition?
Officer was dispatched to a residential location, I was sitting sideways in driver seat, there were keys in the vehicle but not the keys to that vehicle. Car was towed at owners request due to the fact of not having keys to have it driven (I have tow receipt)I was arrested for dui for saying that I had been drinking. Arrest report says complete different summary of events that night. I sat in jail 45 days before I was given an arraignment. I have an appointed lawyer but feel like this case should have been thrown out long before it got bound over.
The state needs to prove operation. If they are still pursuing the case, then they have reason to believe they can...
I was told i could not drive for 365 days but they didn't suspend my licenses and it's still valid. How does this work.
I had some legal troubles when i was 15, now 17 i finally went to court. Part of my plea deal was not to drive for 365 days, but they made a mistake not knowing i now am a valid licensed driver, and the judge says he was not suspending it. How would this work in regards to the state of Georgia knowing i have that ruling if i was to drive. Im just confused on it still being valid, and if my points will me reported to the DMV and if that could suspend it?
It's not about the state knowing.. It's about the judge ordering you not to drive. IF you get caught, you'll be in...
Will I be arrested for violation of probation of a Tennessee DUI?
I finished my community service days, paid all fines and self reported for me requested time. The only request I did not fill was my DUI class. I moved and things got hectic at the end. But I have a date and paperwork of me having a class prepared for after my court date. I am representing myself so I really need guidance.
If the DUI class was a requirement of your probation then yes your probation officer could file a violation that you...
What does an attorney cost to get a dui dismissed
Received first dui dec 22- Chattanooga tn
Fees vary widely based on many factors ranging from experience to overhead costs. Meet with a few and you'll get an...
Getting a DL in Tn if suspended in Ga.
I have done all probation, dui school, suspension is over. Question is do I have to pay the reinstatement fee in Ga and apply for license in Tn. Ga has a law about putting a breathalyzer for 6 months. but I live in Tn now. dui was in 2009. In Ga you have to get the breathalyzer before you reinstate Ga license. Since everything else is done can I just apply for license here in Tn. can anyone please explain
TN will not issue you a license so long as you are suspended in another state. You must clear the GA suspension first.