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How can i get a underage consumption of alcohol ticket deferred?
at a party then we went walking to a friends house cop pulled us over asked for us to do a breathalyzer i didnt get the breathalyzer and i got a underage consumption of alcohol ticket.
First, hire an attorney. Second, get as much positive information to show to the DA as possible - good grades,...
I have a dui i also have to try to fight the officer didnt give me my copy of the ticket and made me do the road side
also made me do two different breathalizers then made me go to the hospital to get a blood sample all i had to drink was seven beers in an eight to ten hour period and was moving my car to a different side of the street to park it for the night
Typically, most police officers will have people submit to two different breath tests if possible. The first is...
If sentenced to 1 year in county jail how much time will i need to do??
i was sentenced to do a year in the county jail for a dwi and i was woundering if the time is cut in half or is it 85% and since i already completed 110 days could i file for probation??
The answer to your question will be governed by the laws of your state. In California, there are different criteria...
Average DUI penalties for first time DUI in Colorado Springs?
First DUI to ever be charged with in my life. Allegedly .135 BAC, will have completed 20 hours alcohol treatment hours prior to court date, and working on completing at many community service hours as possible before pre-trial conference if possible. Is involuntary intoxication a viable defense? Is unsupervised probation an option?
Completing community service and alcohol classes prior to your pretrial conference is a good start, but I would still...
Can I purchase a firearm after having a DWI?
I have been told that answering the background check questions improperly can result in being charged with purgery and can result in conviction, fines and jail time. The only question I am unsure on is the one that asks: have you ever been convicted of a felony, or any other crime that resulted in probation up to 2 years. I am not quite sure how to answer that question because when it says any other crime its not being very specific. I have a dwi and I am not sure if that qualifies as a yes when I answer that question or not.
In most states a DUI/DWI can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the circumstances. You can call the court where...
DUI Attorneys experienced with CDL
If you would, I'm looking for an expert attorney for DUI with CDL relations. In addition, very familiar with Weld County Colorado. Referrals much highly appreciated.
You can use the Find a Lawyer feature to find an attorney and call directly. Avvo does not allow solicitation
Will I have any issue getting a Colorado Drivers license if I have had a dwi and did not finish my interlock.
I moved to Texas while I still had some pending things such as interlock to deal with in Colorado. I filed all the paper work Colorado required of me to get my license in Texas and everything went through okay. My concern is that i may have some issues getting my license back in Colorado now. Should I expect to have to jump through any hoops to make this happen? I have had my Texas drivers license for 4 years now with no issues and now that I have moved back to Colorado I am concerned that I will have to make 20 trips to and from the DMV here.
You may have some issues depending on the information contained in the Colorado MVD database. the interlock requirement...