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How are assaulting an officer cases treated for people that are intoxicated?
I was blackout drunk at Ocean CIty, MD this past weekend and I ended up ripping the windshield wiper off of a cab and apparently punched an officer in the chest after he grabbed me by the arm when I was trying to walk away.
These are taken extremely seriously by the courts. Assaulting a police officer is a serious offense and you are in a...
I am a juvenile in Maryland charged with paraphernalia. First offence
I was outside past curfew in my development and the police saw my friend and he had cigarettes, rolling papers, an a bowl which they are having us share the blame for because the cop bullied my friend into saying it was mine they don't know the story but we will share the charge. Will this stay on my record? Will I get drug tested? What's the worst case scenario
Nice friend. Good thing he did not have a gun. You will stay in the Juvenile Justice system and will not spend any...
Can I loose my license in state of MD for Reckless Driving alcohol related?
I recently got a DUI in state of Delaware and I am a Maryland driver. My court date is Oct 13, 2016 so I do not know the outcome and I am waiting for BAC test. The DE lawyer I talked to wanted me to find out if he were to get the charge reduced to Reckless Driving alcohol related, would that cause me to loose my license in MD?
I would be concerned with the DUI and not reckless driving. While Maryland courts have no jurisdiction over your out...
What should I exoect to be my charge for this situation
Drove a car without an American license and have none. Got into an accident which I was the cause but it's my first time and I have a international license but couldn't provide it during the accident so I got locked up which was two months ago. Have a court hearing on friday
You have already been charged when you were issued citations at the scene. I assume that you were charged with driving...
Bicycles and DUI
are the same laws applies if a person is riding a bicycle as opposed to a car and the police pull them over for a DUI:DWI in the state of Maryland? I know in other states people are fined but they don't go through the same steps as a car/boat or a motor operating vehicle. I was told in MD a bicycle is a vehicle.. How can this be when a bike doesn't require a driving test/license/ insurance. If this is case it sure seems like the fine doesn't match the crime. Should a person blow or not blow when riding a bicycle. Thank you
Maryland's traffic laws apply to bicycles and motor scooters. Whether you should have taken the breathalyzer is an...
Can I drive a boat while still having restricted license even though a license is not required for boating?
I refused a breathalyzer test in Maryland and now been penalized with the Ignition interlock Device for 1 year from MVA. Received PBJ on the criminal proceedings; no conditions except class. Never challenged the MVA penalty.
You run the risk that you if charged with operating under the influence, the Court would impose jail time, the...
DUI and DWUI with a blood alcohol content of .089 and the officer didn't read me my rights. Do I stand a chance of getting off?
Last night I was stopped for speeding, doing a 39 in a 30. The officer asked if I was drinking I said the truth and replied with what I had and only 4-5 beers. Which I only had 5 beers and the last one being 10 minute before being pulled over.I was completely aware of everything and was being as truthful and friendly as possible with the officer. I did all the sobriety tests and was very nervous and scared cause this is my first time ever being in this situation. He asked if I wanted to take the breathalyzer and at this point I was even more nervous so I agreed. I blew a .089 and got put in cuffs but he never read me my rights. Then I was scared and when he asked if I wanted to take the test again at the station I refused. Do I have a good case of getting off & not have this on my record?
Number 1. Talk to a lawyer. They can review your record or lack there of, and put you in the best position to...