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  • King County Officer Fired For Putting Pepper Spray o...

    Wednesday May 10 | via The Stranger 

    The King County Sheriff's Office last week fired a sheriff's deputy for contaminating a water bottle at a homeless encampment with pepper spray, according to internal investigative documents obtained through a public records request. Former senior deputy Derek DeZiel, who served on the force for eight years, admitted in interviews that he put "a little squirt of pepper spray" on the tip of a homeless man's water bottle with the intention of discouraging the man from returning to an encampment.


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Snoqualmie Law

In the state of washington and a diversion be done on a "minor dui" ??
I have been pulled over for the first time and I have a clean record. I was charged with a minor dui, I was wondering if I can get a diversion, I have heard of it being done on normal dui's
It depends on what you mean by diversion. There are probably several options available to you on a minor DUI. I've...
Brother got 2 dui's in 2008. One was reduced to reckless endangerment. just got another dui, dwls, no interlock
device. He's still on probation. Approximately how much jail time will he get?
If I understand your question, your brother had a reckless endangerment and a DUI in 2008. Now he has been charged...
How do I go about telling my attorney that the reason for my dui wasn't for drinking but for xanax?
I got charged with a dui after running a stop sign my bac was .082 the cop found marijuana in my car didn't confiscate it and did not arrest me but drove me back to where I was staying and made my friend walk back. I don't have any recollection of what happened because I had taken xanax the cop did not report anything about that though so I think he was unaware, I have an attorney and my main question is that is it okay to tell my attorney that I dont remember everything because of an abused prescription drug? Does that change anything about my case?
You absolutely need to tell your attorney this. One of the many things you need to figure out with your attorney is...
My Dad recently of this year got his fourth DUI. History prior DUIs have not Ben since 2000.
Yet my dad has use money towards a lawyer he's going to end in the end get the same thing everybody gets towards sentencing but yet as he is arrogant to some of the facts of how our legal system really works so I'm asking your advice on what if any technicalities or to help him get a lighter sentence to the best of his ability
If his prior convictions were longer than 7 years before this ticket he should be treated as a 1st time offender. The...
My son was given a breath test & got .122 he was told it's an smc case. What should he expect? Can he seek legal aid defense?
He lives in Capitol Hill, had been hanging out locally & decided to eat a burrito in his car while waiting for friends to make it home bc he has no cel signal in his basement apt. Turned on the car bc it was cold, & someone called police to say he hit the car behind hin, officer verified both vehicles & they were fine. Arraignment hearing thursday. Police officer intervened he was out of his vehicle.
He needs legal representation, so he should get screened for a public defender. If he is in Seattle Municipal Court,...
Friend got arrested for DUI, past deportation on record. Is bail possible?
My friend's husband got arrested for a DUI yesterday. He has been deported in the past but re entered the country illegally. My friend wants to know if bail is possible. But immigration will be taking him. What else can be done? Can a case be made? She is also illegal and they have three US born children from ages 5-11.
"Can a case be made?" What kind of case do they want to make? Re-entering the US without the US government's...
Detained at the border for DUI suspicion, no charge, now applying for naturalization
3 years ago or so was crossing the border by car the officer asked me if i had a drink? I said no, nevertheless he handcuffed me and they held me in an adjacent building, 20 min later border patrol came and they did perform soberity test and breath analyzer, no charge and they let me go. Now filling for naturalization how should i deal with this? Disclouse the detention ( i have no paper of it and even not remember the exact date) or ignore it and explain it if the officer bring it up at the interview?
As a general rule, it is not a good idea to try to hide things on a Naturalization Application. One of the questions...