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Is probation an obtion for Obstruction of a Highway in TX
I got a DWI and they want to plea it down to Obstruction of a Highway. This is my first offense. Could I recieve probation instead of jail. If it's a jail term, how long would a first offender have to serve?
This is not the place for these questions. You need an experienced DWI attorney. Getting an obstruction, rather than a...
If you plead guilty to Obstruction of a Highway , will you be drug tested . What else will the court demand ?
My doctor had a problem filling my prescription and after seven days I was pulled over for speeding . I was going through withdraw and had the shakes . I was given DWI . Is this standard practice in Texas .
You may be drug tested at any time while on probation. If the officer thought you had lost the normal use of your...
My daughter got her first offense DWI she is under 21 and thinks she blew .15 but it isnt recorded in her paperwork. Advice?
She is 20 yrs old, never had any trouble before and spent the night in jail. She is a single mom, full time student and works 2 jobs. Made a terrible mistake, What do you think she is facing?
I think she is facing having to hire a lawyer if she is financially able, and if she is not, hopefully you are able to...
How do I know if I got a DWI ?
I hit a guardrail was drunk but did not go to jail no field test or nothing went to the er they took blood and cop gave me a ticket for not staying in my lane but nothing about a DUI or DWI on anything I still have my license too so what does it mean?
Stop posting criminal admissions on the internet. The police regularly monitor websites like this one for statements...
How can I get a DWI dismissed
I'm an illegal immigrant, the police informed me they pulled me over in search for someone else. Due to my eyes being red they asked if I was under the influence of marijuana. I had half a gram on me and was scared given my situation I told them yes. They did a sobriety test which they said I failed because I was jumping around too much. Once again due to being extremely nervous. I have a clean record and no priors. I'm currently in the process of a vulontarily deportion. I have a pregnant fiance in Canada, I was leaving the states and going back to Mexico so I could move to Canada and be with then. A DWI is a federal offence in Canada and this charge will ruin my life. I'm looking for ANY information that let's me know if I get a lawyer if there's hope for my case. Thank you.
To answer your initial question, you get a DWI (or any other criminal case, for that matter) dismissed when the State...
Dwi charge without video or bac
I was stopped at a light where there was a police unit beside me. I flagged them down for help and was told move my vehicle to a safe location. While talking to them they asked several questions and I answered them and was given a field sobriety test of which I failed. I didn't submit to a breathalyzer nor did they take specimen at the city jail. This happened in sept 2016. They still haven't produced video to DA nor my lawyers office. I want to fight this case but I have been advised to request a bust down. Do I have a shot at beating this?
Your lawyer would know better than a lawyer on the internet (who hasn't reviewed the DA's file).
Dwi but I was not driving, I was parked in a parking lot.
So I was parked in a parking lot, and I fell asleep in the car. I was taken to the hospital by an ambulance, I also refused to do a blood test or a breathalyzer so I received a paper stating that my license will be suspended in 40 days. When I called the police department to ask why my license would be suspended they told me in the police report I'm supposed to get a DWI. I was not arrested after I got out of the hospital and I do not have a warrant for my arrest and I did not receive a physical citation. I'm very confused how they did not arrest me but they are trying to charge me with a DWI. Please help?
There must be some reason you did not mention for being taken to the hospital. Refusing a breath or blood test will...