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Can I get a state I.D. card from the DMV if I have an unresolved D.U.I. And a bench warrant out for my arrest?
was just made aware of the fact that I have an unresolved DUI in Washington state from 2005. I was not drunk (no alcohol @ all). However, I have several medical issues, and take many medications. I failed the roadside sobriety test, and was taken to the hospital for a blood test. I was never officially arrested, no fingerprints, mug shot etc. The officer told me that I may or may not receive a summons to court and let me go. After this occurred, I realized that I was no longer a safe driver, & stopped driving altogether. Two years passed and I moved out of state. I had no issue receiving a Utah state ID, moved to California 5 years later and received a state ID there without issue. My family decided to move back to Washington a few months ago. Curious, I sent away for a copy of my driving record, and the DUI was on my record. I have every intention of hiring an attorney and resolving this issue. However, right now I simply need to get a Washington state ID ASAP for health insurance purposes. I have not driven in 10 years and have no desire to receive a drivers license. My question is, can I go into the DMV and get a state ID, prior to resolving my DUI?
There should be no prohibition on you obtaining a Washington state ID card, but as you probably know, you would be...
What can I do? I'm being garnished from 8 year old dui charge.
When I turned 21 I had gotten a dui and a fine of about 2700 came with it. This was in 2008. I still have this fine which is handled through a collection agency, alliance one, which is now garneshing me. They have tacked on an extra 1k dollars over the 7-8 years as well. I called them a couple of months ago to find out how to settle this so I could get my license back, I had told them my employer hoping to get a good quote and unwittingly gave them the info needed to garnish me. I barely get enough hours to make the threshold but they are going to get me once seasonal hours kick in. I have done everything required of my dui with exception of the fine, I can not afford the fine which prevents me from getting my license, which in turn I could make more income if I had the license. Looking for and welcome any advice on my situation. Thankyou
There isn't a magical answer here. You have a debt and it needs to be paid. It is old enough that at the time of the...
Should I choose between deferred prosecution or take the offer of dismissing resisting arrest charge but convicted of DUI?
This is my 2nd DUI arrest in 9 years. This time I have 2 charges against me: DUI and resisting arrest. The court offer to dismiss resisting arrest charge but will convict me of DUI with 5 days in jail or should I choose to go with deferred prosecution? I'm currently a green card holder for 7 years in the US, what is a better choice for me if I want to become a US citizen? Do I have to wait another 5 years for me to be able to apply? Please help me decide which is a better option? Thank you very much
You'll need to consult with an immigration lawyer regarding the consequences of each. But, as a general proposition, I'...
How do I deal with my DUI warrent
I got a DUI may 2011 and have yet to go to court(at all) for it. I blew a .0927, under the age 21. After my DUI I had some family matters in California then by time I was back my roommate didn't tell me I got a letter from the court and missed my court date. The time never seemed right to turn myself, I got pregnant and now have an 8 month old but I really want to be responsible and get this all out behind me. I'm just not sure the process or what I need to do. The dui was in Snohomish county. I would appriciate a little advice with how to get started and maybe some thought/opposition on would I go to jail, how long. And this is my first DUI.
The mandatory minimum if convicted includes 1 day in jail, a 1 year ignition interlock (blow and go), and about $941 in...
What do I do when I have been hit by a drunk, uninsured driver?
the driver who hit me was drunk and fled the scene. I would like to go to the doctor and get my back and neck checked out, but not if I am going to have to pay for things. I know my insurance will take care of most things but I feel like I have been treated unfairly and that the drunk driver doesn't have to pay for any of this. so I have to pay for something he did to me? I don't feel this is right. please help.
If you carry uninsured motorist coverage you would have coverage for this incident. Consult an attorney to investigate...
I was arrested for DUI and received no paperwork, citation or paperwork when I was released from Snohomish county jail in WA.
A witness called the police reporting my vehicle, when the police arrived I was outside the vehicle and it was running. I was transferred to Snohomish county jail, refused all breath and blood samples. When I was released I received no paperwork, just a slip stating I refused to give a breath test (they never offered blood) how long do they have to give me a ticket/paperwork? The state patrol officer took pictures of my wrists and stated the actions of the Snohomish county sheriff were unprofessional and too physical. Stated this would be in the report. What should I do, is there a valid case against me?
Before I go into detail I would like to address the question "is there a valid case against me?" It is impossible to...
We have no money for DUI lawyer and do not qualify for a PD, what can we do?
My husband was charged with a DUI (0.101) a few months ago. This is his 2nd offense. The 1st was 10 years ago. He has already pled not guilty at arraignment and has a 2nd court date set for January. He applied for a PD, but was denied. We do not have money for a lawyer. We are a month behind on our mortgage, owe thousands in medical bills, cannot get a line of equity, and cannot receive a line of credit. We don’t know what to do. If my husband goes to jail for this we will literally lose everything. We have already accepted the 90 suspension. He has been seeing a counselor and was informed by the Behavioral Health Association Psychologist that he is not an abuser/addict. We had an initial consultation with a lawyer, and they want like $500 a month until we pay off a $4500.00 fee. We don’t have $500 extra a month, we just borrowed money to EAT!
You can reapply for the appointment of an attorney and list in detail your debts and obligations and see if the court...