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What are the steps to getting a license back when they were revoked from a DUI??
Hello, my fiancé is currently in prison for a dui, he has spent 2 years in the Ohio state prison and is looking to be released early for good behavior. He and I both want to know what the procedures are for him to obtain his license . He plans on moving to Georgia (where I currently reside) , he wont know yet if he is going to be released early yet, if he is then he will be on probation, will that stop him from getting his license sooner?? Please let me know what we can do about this, THANKS!! SINCERLEY TONYA PURDIE
Being on probation will not likely affect his ability to get his license. If he had an OH driver's license he will...
How to go about satisfying 8 yr old Ignition Interlock order when no longer in that state?
My partner was convicted of DWI in North Carolina 8 years ago. He was ordered to have the Ignition Interlock placed on his car. He did not own one so he could never satisfy that requirement. Today he lives in Georgia and has for several years. Georgia's DWI Ignition interlock works differently and seems to actually be much more expensive. i.e.: NC recalibrate every two months... GA every month. How can he go about getting his license back when NC is wanting him to do something he just can't do. No car, can't register one in his name with no insurance. Can't get insurance with no license or satisfy the 8 year old court order.
He would need a waiver of the interlock ignition signed by the sentencing judge. A seasoned dui lawyer should be able...
Probation almost over?
I was arrest for a DUI back in 2013 I was put on probation last March 2014 for 12 months. My drivers license wasn't suspended just became a limited driving permit. I was given community service, drug evaluation, drug risk course, alive at 25, tvip, maad and many other requirements which I met and have been on non reporting probation. My question is how will I know if my probation is over will I go back to court? and if all those classes I took will be enough to get my real driver license back? This was in Gwinnett County.
Call your PO to find out about probation status. You should hire an attorney to assist with getting your license...
What should I expect in Gwinnett CO, Georgia Recorders Court for driving without a license? Please factor in the details. Thanks
Possibly relevant background. DWI #1 1//09, convicted 1/09, DWI #2 on 8/28/11, convicted on 1/10/12. Spent 6 days in jail, still paying off the #1600 fine, license suspensended 9/28/11 to 9/28/13 but was extended until alcohol education class & MADD victim impact panel were completed. That wasn't until 7/14. The license expired on 6/23/14. A not-at-fault accident on 9/25/14 resulted in the No Drivers License citation and arrest.
The best thing you can do is renew your license, or get a new one, before your court date. That will make things much...
I had a DUI charge couple nights a go and need a GREAT lawyer to help me, I was out few hors after I was arrested.
I have court date in mid may, would this show on back ground check?
Yes. The arrest will for now. Your best bet would be to review the profiles of the attorneys that respond and contact a...
Is there any way for me to remove speeding citations of my driving record? I already went to driving school.
I have already gone to driving school to remove one. I have a GA driving license with three citations but I haven't got a ticket in a year and a half. Speeding ticket in GA ( 90 MPH in 70 MPH zone), Careless Driving in FL ( involved in minor accident), Speeding ticket in FL (50 mph in 35 MPH zone). I have a sales job with requires me to drive alot and I want my records to look as clean as possible. Are there any additional driving schools or measures I can take to remove these citations. I know they automatically fall off in three years but I want to be aggressive
Driving school will only remove points. If they are over six months old you can't get them off your record even if you...
I am out on bond for a D.U.I charge I need a lawyer but can't afford a really good one. What can I do?
I was charged D.U.I because I refused to take another test. I walked and blow .82
Contact several different attorneys. Many attorneys take payment plans. Contact the state bar for a referral. Austin...