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Can you get state probation for a dui with serious bodily harm after violating county probation?
My boyfriend was in an accient that caused him to violate his county probation and one of his passengers had to have facial reconstruction surgery. The passenger is fine now, and we are very thankful for that. My boyfriend was also at the end of his probation with all fines paid and everything required was done. We were waiting for someone to tell us he was off. We have three small children at home. Is there anyway we can avoid him going to prison, and coming home? We will take anything other than prison. We just want him home.
DUI with Serious Bodily Injury is a felony and so a person on probation would be on state probation. It's odd that he...
Was charged with dui
Never adivse me of adverse consequences of not doing field sobreity exercises test he said only if i refuse it can be use against me in law he should of adverse consequences?
That is the adverse consequence. Your refusal can be used against you in a court of law.
Custody battle father has two duis, and public drunkenness.
Infant is unborn. Father lives out of state. I have no criminal record at all. Father has two duis, one in 2007, one in 2014 while on suspended license from 2007 DUI. Also 2012 public drunkenness. He has fits of rage. Ex wife is willing to testify on my behalf, him breaking things, throwing things, drug and alcohol use, frequent visits at adult swinger parties etc. My lawyer and I are going for supervised visits once little man is born. Is it likely we will be granted supervised visits at least for a certain period of time to make sure he is trustworthy?
This is a conversation that you should have with your attorney. He/She knows your case better than anyone on avvo, and...
Got a DUI in 96 my license back in 98
Since 98 Georgia put me back in the system three more times and suspended me same DUI from 96 cleared that up over the phone all three times. July 8th 2015 Georgia rent with a National Database suspended me again 4th time same ticket now they want me to take my DUI class again it's 21 years old I do not have that information anymore what do I do? ?
Do you recognize that by listing your location as "Lake City. FL" you are asking FL lawyers about GA law and procedure?...
What will happen if I can't pay my dui fine on time but did everything else needed to reinstate my license?
I reveived a dui last year and did everything to reinstate my license. However it took a while without a vehicle and I only had a few cleans a month to pay for that. I all but lost my cleaning business with no car. I have till Dec. 4th to pay it (fines) and my po fees or he said I can get up to 6 months in jail . I tried three seperate times to lower my fines and fees by saving receipts all month just to get told something was wrong with it. I even asked to go up in front of the judge to have it lowered and asked for community ty sevice and was told no. It had been over 20 year that I had a dui but they are treating it like a first. My therapist said the judge may forgive, extend or dismiss them, is thia true? I already did weekends in jail.
Whoever is telling you that you can't ask the judge for more time or community service to satisfy the fine is wrong....
I had a DUI accident last weekend. I have to give my fingerprints to a new employer next week. Will the DUI accident show?
I'm wondering if I will lose this new job. Will the DUI charge show even though I have not gone to court?
If the sheriff's office does online fingerprinting, yes. If not, maybe not.
I am an attorney near Philadelphia seeking a reasonably priced attorney to handle a first offense DUI in Tampa.
I am a criminal defense / personal injury lawyer. I practice in Philadelphia and the suburbs. My client's son (age 20) was arrested in Tampa for a DUI - first offense. The young man is a college student in Tampa with no priors. Is he eligible for a diversionary program ? I have no contacts in Florida so I am reaching out this way.
Feel free to call my office at 8132279642. It will ring to my cell.