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In the state of much time do you have to get the interlock device installed after the judge signs the court order.
The county ordered a Interlock Device be installed on my vehicle. How many days do I have to get it installed before the court order is no longer good.
I am not licensed to practice law in TN, but in CA, where I am licensed, the judge typically gives defendant 30 days to...
I had a blood alcohol test
My blood test says 6< on a bac test. What does this mean I didn't drink at all can you help it was (.01-.06 mg/gL Please help me know what this means
In Tennessee, if a driver has a blood alcohol concentration of .08% or higher he/she is committing a DUI. Based on the...
When the police take your blood for a DUI and you have also been using drugs do levels of drugs show up?
Got a DUI and blood taken. Not only was I drinking a lot but I was taking lortab, oxycodone, and valium. I know the drugs will show up. I have an old prescription for lortab and get a surgical procedure regularly which requires only one valium. I took several valium that day but only one lortab and one oxycodone. Does the blood test distinguish between lortab and oxycodone? and do levels of these drugs show up or is just a general presence of benzo and opiates?
Your question(s) are more properly posed to a toxicologist. However, properly done blood tests are fairly accurate and...
My s on received an underage consumption ticket in Humphreys county in tennessee,he is 18,what type of court costs are there?
First offense,totally clueless on what can happen and what type of cost are involved
it depends on when the case is resolved. The longer it goes the higher the costs. A prompt resolution may run...
Can I get a TN DL if revoked in IL? And revocation period is expired.
My Illinois DL was revoked for 3 years due to a DUI. That 3 year period is now up and I am eligible for reinstatement in IL. I now live in TN, am I able to get a TN DL if my revocation period in IL is expired?
No,. You will need to have a reinstatement hearing with the SOS. You can come to Springfield where the decision will...
Reckless driving guilty . will disqualified me from deferred action ?
i been charge for dui and they drop my charge to reckless driving .i been grand for deferred action for 2 years and i dont know if a reckless conviction will disqualified me from deferred action
The first thing you need to do is hire an experienced DUI/Criminal Defense attorney in your area. In some counties in...
I get pull over for dui and now i dont know if im goin to loose my work permit
im grand with deferred action and i dont know if im goin to loose my work permit
Is this the first time it has happened? Do you have any priors?