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  • Snapchat photo allegedly shows suspect setting arson...

    Sep 8, 2017 | via WMDT 

    The Delaware Office of the State Fire Marshal is looking to apprehend a suspect in an arson that happened on August 21 in Smyrna. The Citizens Hose Company of Smyrna responded to a building fire shortly after 5:00 PM at the Harris Manufacturing Company on 655 West Glenwood Avenue.


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Smyrna Law

How long will i spend in jail after a second dui in delaware?
I recemtly got a second dui in delaware and i have a lawyer. The lawyer told me that the prosecutor was not letting up on the plea for 60 days in jail because the BAC is too high. He said i would only serve 7 days but i wanted to see if that was 100% true. Can someone please verify this? I can explain more if need be.
In general, you will serve 7-10 days if you have a Delaware host who you can live with during the balance of your...
I was illegally detained but there is no dash cam evidence if my case is dropped at trial date can I still file a law suit?
Drug investigation led to a jump out style of stop where I, my son, and another person was detained. In reference to this matter I received rule 16 which stated the reason I was detained was because I possessed what was believed to be PCP that field tested positive in my wallet. Medical examiners report states that the pieces of paper tested all tested negative for drugs; however nothing was taken from my persons at stop and officer informed me to remain silent and I would find everything out when I got to the station as I asked several times why were they detaining me. Rule 16 also states the reason for stop was for a search warrant in the name of the person I was with. Later search of said residence revealed only a couple grams of marijuana, citation was issued to co defendant and he was let go however I was also charged with ammunition found in the apartment. I have had my suppression hearing and the drug charge has been thrown out as no drugs were found. My question is how do I go about filing a lawsuit and what requirements must I meet as I also know the ammunition is not mines, I do not live there, and eventually this case will be dropped or dismissed or beat in trial?
The answer will vary with the jurisdiction. However, if you want to file suit this will become a civil matter and you...
So I got a dui, no other dui before. My breathyzer was .18 . I can't afford lawyer or won't qualify for PD
Like I said stopped for speeding, tested with .18 alcohol level. Court is March 24. Being a single Mom and work, I don't want to go to jail or lose license for long period of time, if at all.
First, you need to request a DMV administrative hearing within 15 days in order to extend your temporary license. There...
If I was accused of a false DUI and drugs were found in my trunk and I beat the dui can the drugs be used against me in court?
I was followed for about 4.2 miles by a state trooper for a headlight out. I eventually turned left and he went straight at a stop light. I got onto the high way and about 3 miles later the same cop drove up on me at a high rate of speed and started to tailgate me so I got over quickly to get out of the way. He pulled me over for not using my turn signal for 300ft and switching lanes. He walked up to the passenger side ask for license and registration and I complied. He came back and said he saw my recent charges and he said it smelled like marijuana. He conducted an investigation to see if I was under the influence and he deemed me free to go and I got back in my car. He then took me out of the car and put me in handcuffs and took my keys from me so he could search my locked trunk. They found a large sum of marijuana in a heat sealed bag and money (both in a book bag). I never had to blow in a breathalyzer and he's made mistakes in his report. He said I swayed twice and raised my arms on the ONE LEG STAND and in his full report he said I did it normally.
Hard to tell from your question but it looks like you were not charged with DUI so I am moving the question to "...
How do i resolve an old dui case from another state
I have a dui in delaware from 2003 i never went to court because i had to go home to Massachusetts and start my 2 year jail sentance for an assault i served my time but this dui has come back to haunt me 13 years later wasnt it de responsabiliy to extradite me to de while in jail idk what to do any advice also they dont have my correct birthdate or a mugshot?
To answer your question directly, you need to hire a criminal defense attorney in Delaware. To address the last...
2nd DUI - Jail term?
I read that is a mandatory 60 days but this guys court appointed attorney says he should be 7 - 10 days because the jails are over crowded? Is that true? He was like .26 with the test.
No, I have never heard of a sentence being reduced in DE for overcrowding. However, an attorney may be able to get a...
What's the best course of action after an accident with dui, when i do not have much money? will a public defender be helpful?
I drank at a local applebees by myself, after a rough couple days. Driving home i fell asleep and hit a sign, hitting it i panicked and tried to drive home. After i got myself together, i looked back to see if anyone was following me and i ended up in a ditch. First offense, i have a 2 speeding tickets on my record, but that is all. BAC: 0.126% and i recieved no injuries. Sign is ruined and the car is banged up, but fixible, Only state police showed up. I was walking and talking find, i knew what i did. Tipsy but not drunk. I wasnt arrested, but i did have ride with the trooper to his station and get picked up. Seems to be a total of 5 traffic charges for the DUI, accident, leaving the accident with the sign, and driving an unsafe vehicle because the sign blew my tire up. help please.
First of all, I would suggest you not post details of your offense so much on a public forum that a prosecutor could...