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My boyfriend just got his lisence suspended in Kentucky for 6 months. Can he still drive in Indiana ? He has an Indiana DL.
He was drinking and driving and he's under age. So he got a DUI and got his lisence suspended for 6 months and he has to take classes. Does Kentucky not have a law where he can drive to school and back only ? And also can he still drive in Indiana ? He has an Indiana drivers lisence. or is it just suspended in Kentucky ?
His Indiana license and driving privileges are suspended in Kentucky. He can drive in any other state until Indiana...
How do I expunge my 4 year old (Nov-2011) 1st offense DUI? It is ruining my career and immigration status
I am on H1b work Visa. Got 1st DUI in Kentucky in Nov 2011. Didn't know what is DUI at that time so didn't hire lawyer and accepted all the charges. Paid required fines and completed all probation in Feb 2012. No traffic or any violation after that. Can I remove it from my record if it’s possible or clear my record ?
No, you cannot remove a final conviction from your record.
On post dui?
basically i was stopped at a checkpoint and was made to perform a test under suspicion of drinking. they brought me to the station and i blew a 0.5, the illegal limit is 0.8. they're trying me for a dui regardless. they impounded my vehicle and revoked my driving privileges. I really don't understand whats going on.
Well, they likely still charge you. Call a local DUI lawyer and ask him for a free consultation....
What is the penalty for driving on DUI suspended license second offense in the state of Kentucky?
What is the penalty for driving on DUI suspended license second offense in the state of Kentucky? I was recently arrested for driving onto you are suspended license second offense and possession of schedule three controlled substance. On the citation both were listed as class D felony's when through my research I have found that they are both in fact class A misdemeanor's. They have possession of controlled substance 1st Degree 1st offense on my citation but it was a schedule III controlled substance I was allegedly in possession of. Thank you in advance.
You need to speak with a local attorney who can handle the DUI and possession charges .
Nursing license with dui
I am thinking about enrolling in school to become RN. However I am very concerned to get denied my license because of my criminal background , I was arrested in New Jersey back in 2009 for failaiure to maintain lanes, refusal to take breathalyzer and dui. All the charges were dropped except the refusal and in 2012 was arrested for refusal and dui in North Carolina. no action were taken on the refusal after I provide the motor vehicle judge with proof of my asthma but I was convicted with dui. I live in Ohio near Kentucky and I am willing to work with an attorney to fix this issue
This issue may need multiple attorneys working in different states. I would suggest finding a local expungement...
When can I get my license back after a dui?
I got 2 dui's 5 years ago this month. I called Frankfort and was told my dui's would fall off after 5 years
According to Kentucky law, a second DUI maximum license suspension is 18 months. Could there be something else holding...
What are the punitive actions for destruction of government property involving a DUI
I got a DUI on post after I managed to knock over a stop light pole, is this going to go on my civilian record and what are the punitive actions?
You need to contact an attorney familiar with not only the laws of Kentucky but Military law too. Do not try to figure...