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DS-702. How do I obtain this form. It is for getting a restricted license. CAn some one kindly please tell me how to get this
I need to print it out and have the DA fill it out. CAn some one please tell me how to obtain this form.
Have you visited the DMV's website? Or maybe the Superior Court's website?? Many forms are available online, but not...
How to get around a cite release for DUI that says I need to be in court in 30 days and stay in California? I live in Wisconsin.
I have been staying in California for a few months but still have my out of state drivers license and plates from Wisconsin. I got a DUI and was released via cite release which states that I must appear in court in 30 days and not leave California. I desperately need to return to my life in Wisconsin but now have this pending case in California. How can i get around the terms of this cite release. Is it possible to appear in court in Wisconsin instead. Who do i need to talk to about this?
You can call lawyers around the area you were arrested, and where your Court case will be. As long as it's a...
Will my motorcycle permit still be valid after a Wet & Reckless conviction?
My DUI case got reduced to a Wet & Reckless but the DMV suspended my license anyway because I was over 0.08%. When I get a restricted license will my motorcycle permit still be valid? I don't have the motorcycle license, just a motorcycle permit.
When your driver's license is suspended, all driving privileges are suspended including your motorcycle permit....
Recommendation for lab to test DNA in defense of a DUI arrest?
I want to have a DNA test of my blood sample that was taken as evidence in a DUI arrest, and compared to a sample taken from myself, to determine whether blood samples have been switched. My attorney has not used this defense before, but found some labs that do paternity. Want recommendation of lab. I was arrested for a DUI when I felt no impairment. I subsequently evaluated the amount I drank, time elapsed, to a BAC body weight chart, and result was much under the 0.13 reported by the lab. I purchased a quality breathalyzer and ran a trial of the same alcohol over the same time period, plus the amount of time I waited before driving and until taken for blood draw. The breathalyzer read 0.08, consistent with the chart. I don't think I can get to 0.13 because I cannot drink that much.
Determining BAC levels based on a drinking pattern can be very complicated and while experts can disagree on what an...
What is a good price for dealing with a drunk in public and a felony vandalism charge?
Looking for a price range for this. The felony vandalism charge is for breaking a big storefront window.
Attorneys on AVVO are not permitted to discuss fees, however, you could expect a fee of anywhere from $1500 on the very...
Charges dui felony with injuries first offense driver and passenger in car has no insurance will this help in in court 2 reduce
With being injuries I belive the one car that had no insurance may have complained about neck hurting to get money because they had no insurance can this help his dui feloney with injuries get reduced to a misdemeanor if there is dount
The fact the other car did not have auto insurance will not make a difference in the charges against you. You need an...
My boyfriend is charged with a felony dui with minpr injuries 2 cars 3 people involved what to expect on charges and sentencing
Car crash at intersection he hit a car pushing it in to another vex hole with minor injuries 1st dui felony
Expect him to be charged with a felony DUI. These a serious cases in CA and could land him in jail or prison if the...