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How often do you see people fail the ard program for a non dui offense?
Just wondered. My counselor already told me I have been compliant with therapy going to sessions and working on completing my goals and when the time comes she is sending a letter to probation that I completed my therapy. That was the only requirement expected of me other than the general rules of probation.
Most people dont fail ARD. They realize what a great opportunity it is and change their conduct so that they avert...
I am on non d.u.i. ard program . The roommates I live with have alcohol. Will this get me in trouble? I don't drink. They do.
The rule says. " do not use alcoholic beverage. You are not to enter places whose business is primarily the sale of such beverages. Abstain from the possession,use or sale of narcotics and other illegal drugs within the meaning of the Controlled Substance,Drug,Device and Cosmetic Act without a valid prescription. "
Can it get you in trouble? Yes. Will it get you in trouble? Maybe. If your roommates get in trouble and you are...
What should I do about my underage/disorderly citation?
Last night I received both a disorderly conduct and an underage drinking citation. Obviously I would like both charges to be dropped but I may be foolishly optimistic. I received the disorderly for urinating in public. I realize I can't really do much about this one, however on the underage citation the officer wrote that I was "observed possessing and consuming a 12 oz can of natural light beer." I was not breathalyzed, I did confess that the can was mine and that I had been drinking. However, the can was on the ground next to me when I was urinating and they picked it up and assumed it was under my possession. Is there any way this underage can be fought? What steps should I take to minimize the repercussions? For the record, I'm 20 and turn 21 in 2 months.
Contact a local criminal defense attorney to handle this matter for you. There may be some local diversionary programs...
How can I appeal a drivers license suspension in PA?
I need to renew my RI drivers license, but am not allowed to because of an underage drinking offense (not related to driving at all) almost 12 years ago! I've never had a PA drivers license and was never told that my RI drivers license was to be suspended from the underage drinking offense. On top of this, I have renewed my RI drivers license at least once since this underage drinking charge which leads me to think that there has been a some kind of law change. If it is not retroactive, it seems to be at least very unfair. How can I appeal this?
Depending on when the suspension occurred, you are likely past the time for appeal. The best thing to do at this point...
First underage, will be 21 in ten days, no previous run ins with the law, What should I expect?
College student in PA, did not lie to the cop and was polite; he knows my family and I have never been in trouble before.
Many university towns have diversionary programs affiliated with the local college. Underage drinking has collateral...
Pleading not guilty to Public Intoxication. What are my chances?
I was drinking at a local bar, my designated driver and I decided to leave. Less than 3 minutes after leaving the bar a deer jumped in front of the car forcing my friend to make a sharp left into a phone pole. The airbags deployed. When I gained my senses my DD had vanished I walked a safe distance away from the car (no more than 50ft) and sat on some nearby steps Then police came and asked me a few questions *enter my DD* he was denying that he was driving the car(he was not over the legal limit just concussed) At this point I was incredibly confused & disoriented and possibly concussed from the airbags I blew a .248 this is almost definitely an inaccurate reading taken less than an hr after my last drink When taken to the police station I told the complete truth. I was given Pub. Intox.
You will need to discuss this with a lawyer licensed in your jurisdiction (I am not and this is not legal advice)....
I am 46 and about to start college. Is it possible to get 5 duis expunged or exonerated so that when I get my degree, I will be
I will be able to find a good job. I have been sober for 1.5 yrs, and plan to stay that way.
No. You must wait until you are seventy years old and have been free from incarceration or arrest for 10 years....