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I need the BAC in order to start my counseling.. yet no one down in Fort Polk will help me, they ask if I am still around the area so I can come in and get it, however when I say I am not there anymore they say that they will help me, sure we can fax it to you but there I have not received anything in 3 weeks I do call them at least once a day but nothing.
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I recently received a DWI in Louisiana, and my options were to either plead guilty or not guilty and get a hearing. I wanted to plea no contest and get a hearing, but that was not an option. I had the gastric bypass surgery done 6 months ago, and it was my first time to drink. I did not feel nor think that I was intoxicated, I had two drinks, and thought that I was fine. When the officer took me in to do a BAC it came out .121, which is astonishing to me. I have no priors of any sort and this is my first offense. I have done research and found that post op patients, because of the smaller stomach, and different of of digesting , do in fact blow higher BAC levels. I can get a letter from my doctor backing this information up, also have found and printed others like this situation online out. Do you think I should plead guilty, or Not guilty and fight it? Thank you.
A no-contest plea has the same effect as a guilty plea. You waive trial, give up your rights, and have no hearing. If...
In 2010 I plead no contest to my 2nd Dui. I completed my jail time, paid my fines, and had about half of my classes completed. I ended up having to move out of state very abrubtly due to employment issues. New Orleans does not offer any type of classes. I have been going to AA when I can, and a group therapy session.. I have no plans to return to California, but I would like to finally pay my respects to the court and get this resolved. What are my options?
First, you need to hire an attorney to go into the court and recall a the bench warrant for failure to do the SB38...
Was diagnosed with concussion. DA resubmitted blood test .Now they say positive for synthetic marijuana that has same symptoms as concussion. Our high dollar attorney advised to take plea and deal with it. Judge said license would not be revoked and received paperwork Saturday 17 May that license were to be surrendered for a year. This was a first offense. This will cost employment. We are both retired military. Never been in trouble with the law. Can you assist?
I'm afraid that once you have pled guilty, your options are somewhat limited. You do have a right to appeal within a...
Can I get into a program and have the charges dropped or reduced?
You will likely have options if this is your first charge and there is no injury. You should retain an attorney for the...
Approximately 15 years ago I got a DWI in Louisiana. I was granted an Article 894. Will my Texas DWI show up as a second offense? Also, will Louisiana DMV find out if Texas suspends my DL.
Yes, your Texas DWI will show up as a second offense. The States generally do pretty well in talking to each other...
My fiancee was arrested on December 13, 2013 for a warrant and went to court for it on February 25,2014 and was given credit for time served but didnt get out because of the probation hold so he stayed in jail until they shipped him to go to court on June 4,2014 and he was given credit for time served but still was given 2 years so I was wondering do he have to do the whole 2 years
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