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A bar served me alcohol long after I was visibly intoxicated, then called the police who beat me up... how can I get justice?
I was over-served alcohol at a local PA bar. The same server continued to serve me to the point where I extremely intoxicated. They said I was trying to start a fight but I was not. There should be video. They called the cops even though I said I was leaving. The PA State troopers approached me on the street and at first seemed like the would help me get to a friends house because they said I could not sleep it off in my car. I don't drink and drive and I was on foot. One Trooper grabbed me from behind and began to search me. I told him that I didn't consent to be searched and asked if I was under arrest. He said, "you are about to be" and then all three trooper tackled me and beat me badly. Yes I was a little drunk but I was being compliant, not resisting. Please help me.
Doubt a PA court will be sympathetic to your assertion that others are to blame for your drinking on the facts provided....
My son who is 18 was arrested for a DUI (first offense) in PA.
He wasn't drinking but had a small amount of marijuana in his bloodstream; as well as a small amount in his possession. He waived his preliminary hearing and the judge mentioned the ARD program. What should we expect at his arraignment?
I will defer to my eastern colleagues to respond directly to this question. I write simply to suggest that your son at...
I got a DUI 8.5 years ago and just applied for a long term Visa in Belgium. Do you foresee any issues in getting my Visa?
I don't have other legal issues and have all necessary paperwork.
I believe this forum is for matters involving immigration issues in the US. I see that you are writing from within the...
Unsupervised probation in Ohio for a ovi and just got a public drunkenness in PA. Do I need to tell Ohio?
I just got offered a long term career job in my field and the only thing holding me back right now is being on two year probation. During that first month of being on probation in Ohio I was arrested for public drunkenness in PA. I talked to the probation office in Ohio to see if I could get my two year term reduced. Will Ohio find out about my PA arrest?
Read over the conditions of your probation. If there is a clause that states you have a duty to report any new arrests...
ARD and applying for RN license
3 years ago I got a DUI and was put into the ARD program. I am now applying to nursing schools and hope to eventually apply for my RN license with the PA board of nursing. I saw my lawyer a few months ago about getting it expunged and after putting my name and my docket number in the Phila. court system, nothing came up. He said there was no record of my arrest and that it must've been expunged already. The union I am in with my current job did pay all my legal expenses but at the time I was told I would be financially responsible for the expungement. He said they may have covered it because at one time they did that. I ran my record through the PATCH website and it came back with no record. Would it show up for and FBI fingerprint check? I just don't know whether or not to disclose it.
An additional source to check on expungement is the court itself. Contact the court where the conviction occurred and...
What will happen at my ARD hearing?
This week I will be attending my ARD hearing for a DUI in Montgomery County. I have completed All the pre-conditions (Saftey school, CRN, Community service) and will have my license with me ready to turn in. The only condition I will not have completed is payment of my costs and fees. Based on the fact I completed everything else, would the court allow me to be accepted into ARD and then put me on a payment plan for my fees? I'm not sure if this would hurt my chances of getting admitted into ARD
Usually they will allow you to go on a payment plan.
I recieved an underage drinking charge and I blew .00 twice and then blew .03 after about 30-45 minutes. Can I fight this?
I am 19. Thinking the officer would not believe me if I told him I wasn't drinking I told him that I had a beer thinking he would cut us some slack for being cooperative more likely. Also they didn't inform us of our rights.
Absolutely. Best not to go at it alone though. Having an attorney with you will likely allow you to work out...