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Do other states follow nys look back law when pertaining to drivers license?
my license was revoked in 2005 wondering if i could get license in mass or georia I know they dont share drivers records but if they do would the 10plus years be enough to satisfy these states requirments As far as i can find ny is one of the only states that has this look back law that basically takes your driving privelages away for life I have had no personal injury accidents just dui and like i said the last one was 2005 I have oppurtunities in both of these states that would require a drivers license Thank u for any help u can give me
You might find interesting the information at:
Is it possible to get a DWI reduced or removed from your record?
My license was revoked back in 2011 due to alcohol related offenses. Young, stupid, immature and too young for the college experience. After the 5 year revocation, which I completely understand, the NYSDMV added another 5 years...just because?? In speaking with DMV Driver Improvement Unit, they are sympathetic but say their hands are tired. "They" recommended trying to have one of the DWIs reduced to something else so that they would be able to review my record once again. I am unable to work without a vehicle, I'm now 31 and can't support myself or work in the field in which I am trained. They are telling me I'm not eligible until 10/2021. I'm educated, smart, focused and don't drink... I can't pay back my student loans and when interviewed by a healthcare facility (which is where I would work) won't hire me unless I have a valid NYS drivers license. Is there any hope?
I'd say hire a lawyer who can help you, and take a look here:
What does court 504 order mean? ?
Sentenced to 9 months and his inmate lookup now says 504 order?
I believe it is referring to the Correction Law Section 504 which lays out the statutory law regarding substitution of...
My fiancé is on parole for felony dwi in N.Y.S. his first ever violation is for an AUO 3rd. What is the consequence typically
He has been on parole for a yr now. A parole officer had followed him in a car and arrested him, called the police and held him until they came. He was given an appearance ticket for an AUO 3rd. He has never violated and his parole officer says he was doing good in a report (working, clean urine, not drinking....etc) however she recommended Willard. Prior to parole he graduated from moriah shock. What are we looking at as far as consequences
Depending on how much time he owes parole, Willard might be his best shot.
I need to know if my grandkids father is driving without a liscense
he was arrested on dwi charge and had court on oct 18,he will not tell the mother of children his restrictioins and is driving with kids in car
There is an immediate suspension law in the State of New York but that does not guarantee his license was taken at his...
I have 3 alcohol related offences, is there any chance for a conditional license?
I have a DWAI conviction in 2001, a second DWI in 2007 and in 2013 I was charged with a refusal by the DMV but I was not charged in court with an alcohol related offence. Unfortunately with the refusal charge stemming from the hearing at the DMV I was still revoked for 1 year for the refusal and an additional 5 years with the 25 year look back. I am 4 years into my revocation period out of a total 6 years. Is there any way to apply for a conditional license
Might take nothing short of a miracle at this point? I hope you have a good lawyer.
Should I get a lawyer near where I got my DWI or can I hire one in my home city?
I was arrested for a DWI about 3.5 hours away from where I live. Should I hire a lawyer in my city or closer to where it happened?
You want a lawyer who regularly practices criminal defense in the County where your case is.