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I otherwise am a clean decent educated person with no other history
This isn't a legal question. No attorney can answer whether this will affect an employers decision to hire you. If the...
I am wondering how many exact days i would do on a 6 month sentence after good time with 22 days time served? does the 2/3 rule apply for the time you spent awaiting sentence? example every 2 days you get 1 credited so that 22 would really be 31 days in?
On 6 months you do 4 months less any time already served on the same case.
What is the next step after being indicted? This is my 3rd dwai, its a d felony. Would any of you be willing to take my case in upstate NY?
The Judge only has control of your sentence if you plead guilty to the indictment and the sentence must be in the range...
yes it is a class D felony yes i have 3 within 8 years yes i hit a mailbox
An answer would be speculation. Perhaps a new lawyer can offer things about you that the current lawyer hasn't thought of.
yes i hit a mailbox .yes this my 3rd one within 10 year 8 years from my first one .yes it is a class D felony
Assuming you are not a predicate, I believe that the Judge could give you a 6 month split over the DA's objection. You...
the d.a not comein down what do i do
As I have said before, your lawyer is the person to ask.
I completed an intensive residential program (Insight House, Utica), a halfway house (SBH) and outpatient treatment (SBH) before I was even put on probation. I have been on for 2 years now. I have been sober for 3 years. I am in my fourth semester at OCC and plan on transferring to ESF. I do volunteer work and fundraise for local community organizations. No police contact or failed drug test in three years.
Anything is possible but it will probably be an uphill battle. You can try asking your probation office and if that...