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Husband Convicted of a DUI in Deschutes county Oregon. He got two previously 11 yrs ago in california what can be done
My husband got 2 Dui's in california 11 yrs ago, since then his court records in california have been purged and no longer exist. He just got a DUI in January and was convicted of his 3rd as habitual even the the only record of his DUI's in california was his driving record with no information on the convictions themsevles. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail and a lifetime suspension on his drivers license, is there anything we can do to challenge this ruling? or get his license back? IHe was told by the police the night he got in trouble that oregon only looks back 5 years in another state, and my understanding of Oregon law was after 10 years it would not count as his 3rd.
The officer's understanding of Oregon law was incomplete and your understanding was incorrect. A third conviction for...
How can I get a postponment of first appearance (DUI)
I live in coos county and have an appearance in deshute county. I no longer live at the address they sent the summons and did not get it until Fri sept 1st court is sept 6th because of the hollyday weekend I can't contact anyone till the 5th the same day I start a new job and not enough notice to fund a 24 hr trip there and back. I want to comply with the court and don't want a warrant. Is there a way to postpone it a couple weeks so I can keep my job and afford to make the trip? Can I fax a written request to the court( and to who). Can I request in writing by fax a court appointed attorney which is what will happen if I could have made the trip?
You will typically have to hire a lawyer to waive an initial appearance. There are many good lawyers here in Deschutes...
What is Oregon booking procedure for DUI. Is there a 24 hr hold on failed breath test?
My friend was took to jail, given a breath test which she failed but was released 2 hr's later and driven back to her camp by a officer when she requested a cab still intoxicated, now 120 days later they're bringing charges on it. What is the procedure they should have followed?
It is not abnormal for anyone arrested for a DUII to be released shortly after the breath sample. Some times it takes a...
How does getting caught driving with a suspended license impact the diversion program?
My boyfriend's license was suspended over a year ago for reasons unrelated to the DUI he got several months afterward. He didn't know his license was suspended until he got pulled over for the DUI. He recently started the diversion program. But just last week, he got caught driving without a license (it's still suspended). Will that impact his diversion program? Will it make him invalid for it, or give him jail time? I'm just wondering because his situation is a unique one. Most people on the diversion program can still drive, but he can't for a reason that's unrelated to it (it was suspended merely cause he got caught without insurance a while back). Will it impact his diversion program?
DUII Diversion is not probation. It does not include an "Obey All Laws" clause. Driving while suspended is not a...
What happens iwhen you have first court appearance with drug possession charges with a past drug offence?
pulled over in traffic stop found with possession of heroine and meth. Did not go to jail what happens at first court appearance. Have a prior conviction of drug possession
There is not enough information on your history or the stop. What I can tell you is that you need legal representation....
Nice car, don't want IID in it. - Oregon
So I own a a nice, brand new, EXPENSIVE, performance car. I learned today that an IID can harm your vehicles computers and modules. I don't even want to take a chance on that. Would you? I am wondering if I can just buy a cheap car to drive around for the duration that the IID is supposed to be in. Will I have to get the IID installed in my brand new car that I wont be driving even if I buy a cheap car to get around in for the time being?
Under most circumstances you need to install an IID in any car you drive other than one covered by the employer...
Arrested for DUII. Went to court today and was told I have another charge???
So here's the deal. New years eve/day. I got in a verbal argument with my girlfriend and I decided the best thing to do was just leave. So I drove. I felt fine. I had drank a few beers beforehand as was everyone else because it was new years eve. Well there was a good amount of snow on the ground and I somehow drove my jeep up onto some rocks that were sitting in front of someones house near the road. There is no curb there. After trying to get it unstuck for about 5 minutes I gave up and decided to call a tow truck. I was outside of my vehicle(It was still running unfortunately) and I was calling a tow truck as the police pulled up. I was then given field sobriety tests and determined I was drunk. No breathalyzer until we got back to the police station. The rest is pretty much history. Every single piece of paper I received from that night only says "DUII" on it. Nothing about reckless driving. I get to court today and I am informed that I also have reckless driving as a charge??? Doesn't really seem right or fair. I have never been in trouble in my life for anything. This is the first time. Why are they throwing extra charges at me? I'm supposed to talk to a public defender soon.
Cops suggest a charge, then a prosecutor decides on the correct charges, usually before arraignment. Here, the DA must...