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I got hurt at work. Went to there insurance doctor got stitches. And took a drug test came up positive for stimulates and we pot
Been 12 days since think they would of fired me at that point? Haven't heard results btw got a lawyer after it happen so do they have that info by now?
These are questions for your attorney. I don't think anyone here knows if your employer has the results.
My son got a suspension notice for having a seizure how do we get his license back
my son had what we think is a seizure, he went to two neurologist that could not say why or if he could have another, All testing was negative , but the doctor reported and he lost his license what can we do
You'll have to request a hearing through the local DMV Driver's Safety Office. They will want you to have a doctor say...
License suspension was put aside after hearing, how can i get my license back?
Was arrested for dui, hearing officer determined it was an unlawful arrest, as to I wasn't the driver, and the cops never actually pulled anyone over, they just seen me standing by the car. I still have my court date next month, but since the suspension was set aside by dmv, am I able to get my license back?
2 options: go to the DSO and have the hearing officer give the license back to you, or go to the dmv field office and...
My baby was taken by CPS for the 2nd Time I got a color to call in for testing what happens if I don't go to my test
if I going to my test I know I'll give a dirty. I can say that I forgot to call I didn't know I had test today. I know giving a dirty and then not showing up is just the same as a dirty so what's going to happen
If Ventura courts (or any court for that matter) has ordered you to do testing, and you are a no show, it is considered...
Can I fax paperwork to judge to fight my own dwi case in parish of calcasito. im from california
I blew all 000. at the station he said I could take a blood test or urine test by my own dr here in ca. I passed my urine test. I have no income I am trying to get back pay from ssi for work comp case that ended. I owe money to my bank account. I start a job on 12/2 my court date is 12/8. I just got notice on 11/18 of the court date. I didn't now when to call a public defender . is it to late now to call one can I download paperwork and give it to the jude myself?
You cannot talk to the judge except in open court with the prosecutor present. No court I know of would allow a...
What will happen if I am 3.5 years through formal probation for embezzlement but was arrested for DUI in Santa Clara County?
I have been on formal probation for an embezzlement case stemming from LA County. I have finished all community service, paid all restitution early and had a court date a month ago for early termination/expungement but it got delayed a month later because the prosecutor was not prepared. With my luck, I went out celebrating a great new job and got caught driving drunk. I was arrested and received my frist DUI. I have an appointment with my PO in a few days. Should I tell her? I have a good relationship with her as she knows that I have a good career and a good person who sometimes make bad decisions. The DUI was a lapse in judgement as I don't drink often. Will she violate me and arrest me during my appointment? She is a PO in Ventura County.
You aren't going to get a meaningful answer on this site. If you can't predict what your probation officer will do,...
I had a 2nd dui December 2013, I moved out of state a year. Vacating DUI school because of different state requirements?
I had a 2nd dui December 2013. I moved out of state to the east coast august 2014. I NEVER HAD a CA drivers license i have a washington state license. We're a military family who moves a lot. I was orders by courts to do dui school in another state BUT the requirements here are completely different and do not meet the courts requests AT ALL. My question is, since dui school is not available here and online school, the dmv won't accept it anyway. Can I vacate the dui school especially since it's been well over a year for dmv to suspend my license even though it was never CA issued. I should be able to turn in my WA license for my curent state license without issue from ca? We have no plans whatsoever to return to ca.
NEVER returning to CA? That's unlikely for a military family, but, ok. Contact the Mandatory Action Unit in...