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I have been asked by my attorney to take an alcohol education class in order to show that I'm being proactive before a DUI/DWI. -My question is: What will that do for me? Will the outcome be different from what it would've been if I had not taken the class? I am not considering not taking it (already enrolled) but I'm just wondering what the judge will think of that and what effects it could have on my case. -Will the judge be able to see the results of a PBT? I'm under the impression that it can't be used against me, but I'm wondering if he/she will still be able to see the results? -Will refusing the test at the station automatically hurt me in court? -Since the introduction of Noah's law, has it been harder for attornerys to fight off first offense DUIs? -In what cases are breathalyzers put into vehicles?
You have an attorney and he or she is the best person to ask these questions. First, some judges will put people in...
Hi I had a DUI and I'm applying for my naturalization how should I filed the papers?
I had a DUI in D.C. and it was ruled guilty with the minimum so I'm wondering how to filed my papers for naturalization and also how long that process takes?
The answer to this requires a complete analysis of your situation. An immigration attorney could consult with you to...
What are my best defense?
I am a resident of Virginia and was pulled over in silver spring and charged for driving without valid license , I got my Virginia license now , do I still have possibility of jail sentence?
The charge is a serious one and carries the possibility of a jail sentence. A traffic attorney can assist you in...
Are interlock reports provided to probation officers available to offenders?
On probation and wondered whether interlock reports can be provided to offenders
Call your interlock provider. It's a private contractual arrangement between you and them. Just ask.
I got stopped and I don't have a driving license I went to court once and I asked to get a public defenwe
What will happen if I show up to court without a public defender I don't have my drivers license I'm in the process of getting it.
You need to speak with an attorney asap. Virtually all private attorneys will speak to you over the phone and give...
Will a lawyer get some of those charges dropped so she doesn't have to pay the tickets before or after the court date?
I'm asking a question on behalf on my girlfriend, she received a DUI in addition to other citations like speeding, failure to obey traffic signal, and I think driving without possession of her license. She received all of the above in tickets but hasn't had her court date yet. I don't know all of the details as I wasn't there when the incident occurred.
A lawyer gives her the best chance to lessen the effects of these charges/infractions.
Does MD have a mandatory minimum sentence for 2nd DUI/DWI charge while on probation? Is a plea deal or a contest best for me?
I am 22 years old and was convicted in Sep 2015 for DWI/DUI and fined and placed on 6 months unsupervised probation. In Dec 2015 I was arrested and have been charged with DWU/DUI again (alcohol level of 0.14). I am a full time college student due to graduate this year and I therefore need to avoid a jail sentence at all costs.
You need a lawyer for both the potential VOP and the new DUI. Maryland does have a mandatory minimum under certain...