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Will a lawyer get some of those charges dropped so she doesn't have to pay the tickets before or after the court date?
I'm asking a question on behalf on my girlfriend, she received a DUI in addition to other citations like speeding, failure to obey traffic signal, and I think driving without possession of her license. She received all of the above in tickets but hasn't had her court date yet. I don't know all of the details as I wasn't there when the incident occurred.
A lawyer gives her the best chance to lessen the effects of these charges/infractions.
Does MD have a mandatory minimum sentence for 2nd DUI/DWI charge while on probation? Is a plea deal or a contest best for me?
I am 22 years old and was convicted in Sep 2015 for DWI/DUI and fined and placed on 6 months unsupervised probation. In Dec 2015 I was arrested and have been charged with DWU/DUI again (alcohol level of 0.14). I am a full time college student due to graduate this year and I therefore need to avoid a jail sentence at all costs.
You need a lawyer for both the potential VOP and the new DUI. Maryland does have a mandatory minimum under certain...
Can i get my case DUI case thrown out because of location of offense accrued 1.5 mile before the cop pulled me over?
I was recently pulled over for a DUI and when i asked the cop why he pulled me over he told me that i drove on the double lines 1.5 miles back. The officer did not pull me over at the spot he claims i made the offense but furthermore, he continued to follow me for approximately 1.5 miles after and then decided to pull me over near a shopping center. Can this be fought in the court of law? How are my chances of beating this case in court?
It may be fought in court, but not because he waited too long. If he gives testimony about running a background or...
Will I have trouble flying from MD to FL with a dismissed DUI on the record?
Can I fly throughout the USA with it still on my record?
There's absolutely no restriction on your right to freely move throughout the United States. Freedom of movement is...
Are underage drinking civil citations sent to the mva?
at a party, cops came they made everyone under 21 do a breathalyzer test i blew a 0.02. I read that you can get your license suspensed. the officer said i can pay a fine or community service and an alcohol class. Just saw court date coming in a few weeks.
I do not believe that civil citations for underage drinking are sent to the MVA. If you were driving and charged with...
MVA has me stonewalled
I was arrested about 5 yrs ago for traffic violations and my license was revoked. I now need to get my VA license for work and VA says MD has me flagged and won't allow me. 2 issues 1) I was hit with unmanageable fines (about 7000)that are still unpaid and the officer did not return my license to the DMV. How can I get my VA license.
Unfortunately you will not be able to get a license in any state until you clear up the unpaid fines in MD. An...
Can i rent a car while driving on a temporary license of 45 days which was issued by a police officer as a part of a dui charge?
I need to travel to South Carolina to see my Dad
As far as I know, there are no rental agencies that will rent to a driver with a temporary license issued as a result...