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My kids father and I separated I left philly he's emotionally abusive and a drunk. Doesn't see or speak to kids I want custody.
i left a week ago do to calling the cops twice cause his mom came at me causing me to hit my newborn in the face so i smacked her ..then he came drunk calling me names and throwing things at me with my baby in my hands .. hes irresponsible he feels working is enough doesn't help me at home rarely stays around and i have a 5 year old as well ...his mom has babied him to so much doing everything for him he feels he does no wrong..ive tried for 7 years to make it work but he has anger management and dranks a lot..he also brought illegal weapons in the house that i have pics of that i took off his phone that he took that i asked him not to the past when he had my son they drink while driving and get into physical fight with family in front of him what can happen when i go to court
Sorry to hear about your situation. I suggest you speak to a family law attorney in Maryland. Good luck.
Will I have trouble flying from MD to FL with a dismissed DUI on the record?
Can I fly throughout the USA with it still on my record?
There's absolutely no restriction on your right to freely move throughout the United States. Freedom of movement is...
Are underage drinking civil citations sent to the mva?
at a party, cops came they made everyone under 21 do a breathalyzer test i blew a 0.02. I read that you can get your license suspensed. the officer said i can pay a fine or community service and an alcohol class. Just saw court date coming in a few weeks.
I do not believe that civil citations for underage drinking are sent to the MVA. If you were driving and charged with...
Is an MVA judge able to change their decision after a license suspension has been implemented?
I just had my MVA hearing for underage drinking of my restricted license for a DUI i received last year. The judge said the law changed where you are either obligated for the 1 year suspension or the 6 month interlock system because I could not afford to pay for the interlock system myself the judge put the 1 year suspension. After the hearing I called my mom explained everything and she told me that I should have gotten the interlock system and she will pay for it. Am I able to contact the MVA or judge to request for the interlock system and stop the suspension since my mother is involved and is willing to pay for the interlock system?
You can file a Motion for Reconsideration and ask that the judge give you the interlock. There is a very short...
MVA has me stonewalled
I was arrested about 5 yrs ago for traffic violations and my license was revoked. I now need to get my VA license for work and VA says MD has me flagged and won't allow me. 2 issues 1) I was hit with unmanageable fines (about 7000)that are still unpaid and the officer did not return my license to the DMV. How can I get my VA license.
Unfortunately you will not be able to get a license in any state until you clear up the unpaid fines in MD. An...
Can i rent a car while driving on a temporary license of 45 days which was issued by a police officer as a part of a dui charge?
I need to travel to South Carolina to see my Dad
As far as I know, there are no rental agencies that will rent to a driver with a temporary license issued as a result...
Are cops allowed to stack DUI/DWI alcohol and drug charges against you for refusing to submit to a alcohol concentration test?
I was pulled over for a headlight, was sober but cops smelled marijuana on just my jacket. searched car, didn't find anything and while waiting for a female personal to search my person randomly started asking questions about alcohol. I stated multiple times that I had nothing to drink but they arrested me and at the station, I initially refused the test because I didn't understand how I failed the SFST than less than 2 mins changed my mind but the officer said because I signed the form I couldn't change my mind. They then charged me with everything under the DUI/DWI "bracket" (about 6 charges) saying he had to because I refused.
Refusing to take a breath test carries Motor Vehicle Administrative Penalties, and is admissible by the State in Court....