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I have just recently received my second DUI and am worried about what my sentencing will look like.
I am so ashamed of myself. I rear ended someone leaving a restaurant after a meal and a couple drinks (4 drinks to be exact, I was not completely hammered). After coming to a stop I got out of the vehicle and asked the passengers if they were okay and they both said they were fine and they denied EMT service. Barely any damage (if any) to their vehicle. I politely refused the breathalyzer knowing that I would be a little over the legal limit (still not sure if that was a terrible decision or not). While sitting in the police station the passengers I hit called the cop who arrested me after refusing to blow and said that they had been "shook-up" by the accident. Now its a personal injury case and they got a warrant for my blood. The test results haven't came back yet but I'm quite certain I won't be very far over the legal limit. No ridiculous BAC to aggravate the case but still over the legal limit. I'm pulling my hair out what is going to come of my sentence. Can anyone please tell me what i am to expect? PS. The officer charged me with a first offense DUI. My previous DUI (for cannibis) may have been dismissed. But for the sake of preparing for the worst, let's call it my 2nd
There are different penalties for a first offense and a second offense. Decide which offense it is and the attorneys...
Will I have to get an SR-22 and will my license get revoked in WI?
I was arrested for a DUI in IL but I am WI driver. I blew .130 on the road and .122 back at the shop. My IL lawyer has confirmed with me that he has this plead down to reckless driving with the prosecutors supervisor.
No, this will not require an SR-22. It may count for points. Note that if you get an OWI in Wisconsin, this may count...
What is the post judgement interest rate for a DUI?
I was convicted of DUI in 2007 and had a judgement of $1366.50 as a fine. I was charged interest at $4.80 (4.25%apr)a month for 12 months, but have subsequently been charged $13.67 (12%apr) a month for about 5.5 years. I obviously forgot about the fine but I need to pay it off. Am I being charged the correct interest? If not, how can I rectify this? It seems as if I am being charged more than the state statute calls for on civil judgements.
I am not licensed in Wisconsin, but in California it is ten percent. I would think it ought to be the same in...
I have a Wisconsin driver's license and I got a DUI in Illinois. It is the third DUI I have gotten in Illinois.
An Illinois lawyer told me I face a one year suspension and a possible revocation of my license in Illinois. How does this affect my Wisconsin DL? If I get convicted what happens to my Wisconsin license.
You will have your Wisconsin DL revoked. Your DL in Wisconsin is the one that IL will revoke or suspend.
I'm getting sentence on April 23 for 3 dui am I qualify for house arrest in kenosha wi
3dui can I get ankle bracelet
It is really up to the sheriff to determine whether you are sentenced to house arrest or not. Your attorney (you DO...
I have a Wisconsin license and got an Illinois DUI conviction. I beat the SSS so I should be eligible for a work permit in IL.
What do I need to do to get a permit in Illinois as I work there? I saw the paperwork to get an occupational permit for Wisconsin, I am pretty sure that wont fly in Illinois. I've had another DUI in Illinois that went to a supervision over 8 years ago and two dismissals (recently) as well in Illinois. I would have to get a formal hearing in Illinois for a permit. Correct?
You should consult with an attorney who has experience with traffic laws in Ill.
OWI Blood Draw?
What is the Wisconsin Case Law on drawing blood? (Prior to McNeely) Can blood be drawn at a police department by a volunteer paramedic, without the supervision of a licensed Medical Doctor and there are no exigent circumstances? I was physically forced and threatened to give a blood sample and told that I would be charged with battery to an officer, If I didn't comply, because I refused to have my skin penetrated.
Your question is one that is actually asking for a far more detailed answer than is anticipated on this free site. The...