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Should I try and get a lawyer or take the easy way out for 1st offense non ajudication dui?
I was leaving a bar. I got pulled over for running a stop sign. I gave my license and insurance the officer asked me to step out to do test because he felt I was driving while impaired. We went back and fourth for about 15 mins because I felt it was a cheap shot pulling me over for a stop sign no one stops at or the cars in front of me didn't. I never refused to take the test but I guess I talked myself into getting arrested for the dui. Basically he said you know what your under arrest. I honestly didn't not resist arrest but as there were two cops there when my hands were being placed behind my back, one cop raised his voice yelling quit resisting arrest, he then grabbed my hair and tried shoving my head down and the other cop who was placing cuffs on me hit me twice in my ribs. At the station I drank water a few times waiting for the cop to get done writing his tickets on me or report while the booking guy asked me information then I took the test. I blew a .09. I was never observed for 15-20 mins. I drank water 2-3 times at the water fountain. This was all about an hour after I got stopped. Is this worth trying to fight and get a lawyer?
Obviously it is your decision whether or not you decide to hire an attorney. There were some changes to the non-...
Is it possible an if so how can i get a hardship license for work after my license have been suspended?
I have a couple of moving violations and most are paid off. They are nothing too major just insurance running a red light and suspended license. However I got one fine left that has to be paid to get my license. I have a job an eligible for promotion but I need a valid drivers license. The company has given me 30 days to get my license or they will choose another candidate. I really need this promotion but there is no way I can pay my fine off in 30 days with the salary I make now. Any suggestion?
Find a way to pay your fine or see if you can speak to a Judge wherever the fine is and see if you can make a partial...
How can I get out of drug court
I been in drug court and I finished the program and I had to wait until October 25th to graduate, I failed a drug test before graduation how can I keep from going to jail.
What are the terms of your Drug Court program? Does the terms say if you fail one u.a. you will be arrested? No way to...
Can i get my greencard on probation
I used to have a job visa but it got cancelled. My ssn and dl are good till next september. I got 2 dui within a week and now I am on probation for a year. Can I adjudt my status getting married?
Multiple issues here. Let's break it down a bit. Have you pleaded guilty to the DUI charges? Where were they? IF...
At the time of a dui arrest does a person have the right to request a attorney be present during any field sobriety or chemical
Testing ? And if so what is the sub section law that states this right?
You may request an attorney, which you should do in a situation in which you feel that you are being investigated for...
Can I get my drivers licenses reinstated before I finish my MaSap class?
I got my 1st other DUI and was ordered to go to MaSap and also got my drivers license suspended. Is there any way possible to get my drivers license reinstated before I finished MaSap classes?
No you must complete MASEP or your license is suspended indefinitely
First dui .10 in ms. Do i need a lawyer? What to except?
First dui
Yes you need a lawyer. DUI is a very serious matter that can have lasting effects on your daily life, and DUI is an...