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WWhat do I do if I live an hour and ahalf from the dui class
I live in sierra city ca no public transportation and way to far bike no cabs no other clients to ride with nothing there has to be a remedy plus my lst ui was 11 years ago
I will re-route this to criminal defense. A criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you.
Is it true that if I had a DUI I would not be able to get into Canada?
I got a DUI in California 10 years ago my mum is ill in Canada and I need to see her.
Yes, it is true that you cannot get into Canada with a DUI conviction without taking additional steps OR being a...
DUI: What do I do now?
OCTOBER 8,2017. I drove from LA in order to drop off my girlfriend for school in UCR around 3:30 AM. The last drink I had was at 10:00 PM and I was drinking a lot of water around 2:00 AM. I stopped on the 60 freeway to assess damage to wheels and take care of girlfriend feeling sick. 2 minutes later, 2 cops show up and ask me to step out the vehicle immediately as soon as they arrive. They ask me some questions and drive my car off the highway. There, they ask me to do a field sobriety test and blow into the breathalzyer. I had a .12 on the field breath but I had a second chemical test at the San Dimas Hospital for blood. They did not read my rights. I was later brought to the San Dimas police jail and was held for 15 hours. They gave me a pink slip, car tow information, and a citation to appear in court at December 19, 2017 at 8:00 AM. I work M-F on 9AM - 6PM in Encino as an accountant. It is the busy season right now for accountants and I have no time to fight this on my own. I live in Granada HIlls, CA. I also have to disclose I have 2 moving violations (U-turn and improper use of middle lane) from 7/31/2017 and 8/31/2017 that I was going to deal with after busy season.
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. First off, if you hire an attorney, they can appear in court without you needing to...
Dui question - rising blood alcohol?
I was stopped at 5pm, requested a blood test instead of breath. By the time they finally drew the blood it was over 4 hours later. Is there any type of defense to such a delay? Do they have to test within 3 hours? My bac was .011. 3 points over the legal limit. Thanks
Yes you may have a defense if your time estimate is correct. Contact a local criminal defense attorney who handles DUI.
Dui warrant
i read the DA takes 1 year to file charges for a dui, if charged and dont show up on the recommended court date on the letter given by the da, can the DA or the judge renew the dui warrant each year if i didnt show up to court? what happens to old warrants that go unserved for years? do they reinstate it?
If your DUI arrest was for a misdemeanor DUI, then the District Attorney has one (1) [in the State of California] to...
DUI explanation?
I was arrested and charged with a 23152 VC but when I Google that number it has an (a) or (b) behind it. My charge has neither one. Why is that? My arrest was in Alameda CA
Somebody truncated it probably so they didn't have to write it twice. It has no significance. Usually you are charged...
My wife got a dui?
Me and my wife are separated at this moment she got arrest for dui and she is illegal in the country we file for divorce what should I do to avoid her being deported
1. Your wife needs to consult with and hire a licensed California DUI attorney. In addition, your wife needs to consult...