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I was convicted of a felony DUI and would like to travel to Italy is that possible?
I have completed my parole and still on probation, understanding that I have to have my PO's permission I am wondering if Italy allows Felons into their country for a visit.
You need to contact the Italian Embassy to get the answer to that question. You may be able to find out directly from...
Can we sue a person who hit us under influence
we were on a vacation . The driver who hit us was under influence. But he was not arrested but were given only tickets.He was uninsured.How can we proceed with this
Contact an attorney who handles person injury law in that state. Even if the person did not have insurance, your...
Can a 13 year old dui be removed from your dmv record? A recent job said it didn't show up on their check. Is that possible?
I'm a CDL Class A holder with 2 dui on my dmv record. Looking for jobs.
Let's hope that this old record has purged
What is the minimum penalty for dui first offense
I was pulled over while driving under the influence of alcohol i blew a . 122
You could do a quick google search on Montana dui law, and get an overview of what you're facing. You could also do a...
If I plead guilty can I still obtain a probation liscense to get to work?
I was pulled over for DUI in bozeman and refused the breathalyzer, eventually taking a blood test. I will be going to court on Monday. I live 30-40 min outside work.
It is unclear from your explanation whether not you were marked down as a refusal. If you refused the test or tests...
Should I withdraw my plea?
My lawyer refused to mention in court that the trooper lied in his report saying he noticed me driving on the highway swerving in my lane when really he was sitting in town outside a bar I was at and followed me for several miles before he pulled me over, I have a witness to back it up. MT highway patrol is supposed to stick to highways and roads unless local law enforcement requests help, which I'm guessing is why he lied. My lawyer also said he thought the prosecution might amend the ticket to per se so they wouldn't have to show impairment but he didn't know for sure, i plead guilty based mainly on these two reasons. Should I withdraw my plea?
You should talk to your own lawyer about this. The one who already knows all the facts. So your own witness would be...
Can I sue for personal injury due to a severe panic attack after almost being hit by a drunk driver who hit the person in front?
I was driving down 6th St. W. behind a white pickup truck headed towards Broadwater 2 go 2 Holiday 2 get some gas & as I drove past the light on 6th St. W. & Central & was approaching St. Johns I noticed a blue car driving rather fast on St. Johns as he approached the intersection he slowed down a little but was still going fast & instead of stopping, the blue car went faster to try & cut me off 2 turn onto 6th St. W. & instead he T-boned really hard into the white pickup truck & at that point I went into a severe panic attack which almost led to a seizure so I pulled over onto St. Johns & called 911 & while waiting 4 officers 2 arrive I contacted my husband to try & calm down & once they did arrive the officer didn't even take my statement but did ask if I was ok because I was visibly shaken! He spoke to other "witnesses" & as he went to leave he asked if I needed anything & I asked him what about my statement & his response was he didn't need it & I know for a fact that I'm a much better witness because I saw the whole thing & I even said a prayer at the moment of impact because I KNEW it was gonna happen & what's worse is that I'm 88 lbs & 6 weeks PG with major health issues..
Any one may sue for anything so the pure answer to your question is yes. That being said, you cannot win the suit you...