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I have been on probation for my 2nd dui for about a year my dui happened in one county but my house arrest in my home county
My home county contacted me to do house arrest I did not do it because I completely forgot being so busy work as it took time for my county to contact me after sentencing. I did not do my d&a counseling either I did do alcohol highway safety classes though I am a self employed remodeling contractor now I have a probation violation hearing what can possibly happen?
You could find yourself in jail. Seek the assistance of qualified criminal defense counsel to assist you in handling...
I finished the ARD program after my DUI but never got anything confirming my record had been expunged, how do I know if it has?
I got my dui in the beginning of 2012 and completed the ARD programs conditions and paid off all my fines almost a year ago (February 2013) but never got any kind of statement confirming that they had in fact expunged my record... now I am applying to a college that is asking about whether or not I have ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor/felony etc etc and don't know how to answer that
Whether you completed ARD or not the answer is still "no." As an aside, the expungement of your record is not...
My brother is in prison for a DUI and will be getting out soon on parole. His home plan has been denied.
My brother is in prison for a DUI and will be getting out soon on parole. His home plan has been denied until his 25 year old son moves out. He is refusing to move. My brother has his Deed as proof of his ownership. There is no written or oral lease. In PA can I file with the local District Justice a notarized 30 Day Termination Notice for the Person In Possession to Vacate The Premises? Can I accomplish this as my brother's Power of Attorney?
You can kick his son out, if you really want to. That isn't going to sit well with the son. I would suggest getting a...
I wanted to know if i will be possibly receiving jail time for driving on a suspended license second offense (Not DUI Related)
Girlfriend was driving while we were taking our son to his Dr. appointment and she began to get real light headed and dizzy so she pulled off the road. She has been having a lot of these spells since she gave birth back in September. I opted to drive to the appointment since it was snowing out and our son was in the car. In the best interest of our son I did not want to have her driving and pass out and cause an accident. I was not driving anymore than a few blocks when a state cop pulled us over for not wearing our seatbelts. This is my second offense driving on suspended license and im trying to find out if I will possibly be receiving jail time for this. I nor my family can afford for me to go to jail, I need an answer so I can rest my mind at ease. Thank you!
Jail is a possibility, though more would need to be known. You should probably sit with an attorney to discuss the details.
Does expunging an underage after turning 21 and completing required license suspension cost any money?
Turning 21 soon. Wondering what exactly I have to do to get underage expunged. Thanks
You have to file an expungement petition with the Prothonotary or Clerk of Courts in the county in which the charge was...
Dui charge when my friend was the one driving my car.... Hello,
Hello, I am confused on what to do and would greatly appreciate any advice. It was my college graduation week and my friend took me to a friends house for some drinks. We gave some of our friends a ride back . One of them started throwing up and paul the driver took an immediate right so that she could throw up in an alley. When leaving the alley, we were pulled over simce my friend had taken a one way street. Before the cops could come to the car , we started looking for documenst and switched so that i could find them since the car is mine and i had alot of stuff. I am now being charged with a dui. I have been offered the ARD program but i wasn't driving. My friend the driver has agreed to testify but the public tells me to take the ARD. Please advice . How about the traffic cameras?
You have a public defender, who is your attorney and must be the sole source of information regarding your case. No...
Can hosp restrain you to get urine drug screen against your consent if there is no court order.was in police custody and drunk
hosp staff and police held me down and inserted a catheter into my bladder to obtain urine specimen, i told them they did not have my consent to do the procedure but told me I had to have it done. Wouldn't this fall under Patient Bill of rights to refuse procedures and treatment. There was no court order
Can a hospital restrain you to get a urine drug screen against your consent if there is no court order? Yes, because...