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Gun ownership revoked for DUI
I was convicted of DUI in 2009 (I was 19 at the time). The highest charge I had was 1st degree misdemeanor. It was accident involving personal injury or death (I was the only person injured and went to the hospital). I had fulfilled all of my legal obligations afterward (18 days served in county, fines paid, rehab etc.) Last year I had tried to purchase a firearm and was declined due to my record. Is there some sort of waiting period after coviction to purchase a firearm or is legal counsel required?
Federal law prohibits a person with a conviction punishable by more than one year in jail, amongst other things, from...
I am currently on probation and just days away from being sentenced to house arrest for a dui. However I have given a summery
Offense for retail theft. I have not actually been sentenced yet however I have met with probation twice so far. I am so scared I will get the terms taken away and get jail time rather then house arrest. The police officer said it was like a traffic ticket and I didn't have to tell anyone and when I got to the jail they ran my name and said nothing came up for supervision and they let me go home. I am just stressed and scared. It's two days away from my sentencing, what should I do?
You should speak to the attorney who is handling your case.
Should I be worried about jail?
Was pulled over Tuesday night, breathalyzer was .12, the officers first reason was I was going up and down with my speed, at night i use my cruise control because there is no one on the road at 2am. Once I said I was using that he said there must be something wrong with it... there is nothing wrong with my truck. Then said it was because I was swerving.. im 90% sure I was not then said it was because I was using my high beams the hole time... I have fog lights I use at night to avoid using my high beams... just seems fishy. I'm not arguing my breathalyzer but reason he pulled me over.. also with it being my first affence and I have no criminal record should I worry about jail?
I say it depends, but only for a very few reasons. You are ARD eligible, if you meet all the conditions. That means...
I was arrested for a DUI back in November of 2014. I was arrested for a DUI again in January of 2015. I was a Target 21 and had
to follow bail conditions along with wear a SCRAM bracelet. I went to my all of my court dates up until the arraignment. My bail had been revoked a week before the arraignment due to failing to pay the SCRAM office. I was completely out of money so I took a job in Montana, cutting of my SCRAM bracelet before I went out there. I have since returned and intend to turn myself in. The only problem is that I have no money for a lawyer, but I have a very beatable case. With the consequences of a 2nd DUI, I don't trust a PD. Should I go back to Montana and save money for a lawyer or take it up myself? How long am I likely to be held up in jail? I have a great job awaiting me to clear warrants so I need to take care of this. I was also cited for driving w/o a license, but my bail wasn't revoked.
I would use a public defender on this and if the PD does not seem to want to fight for you, hire a private attorney who...
Is it possible to get habitual offender case lowered or get a restricted license in Pennsylvania?
I have several dui's from back in 2011. My suspension time the verdict carries is almost up but I have another 5 hears for the habitual offender suspension. I have done all the counseling they asked for. I am a free trimmer by trade which requires a lot of travel. I'm looking to go back to school and get back into the field but as a result of not having a license I have had to take a job making a third of the money with no future. Please give any advice
I am not licensed in Pennsylvania, so out of respect for any experienced attorney licensed there who answers your...
My boyfriend is awaiting a blood test from a DUI charge over the weekend. is jail mandatory for 2nd offense? Can it be avoided?
My boyfriend got pulled over for a DUI (2nd offense). There was no probably cause unless you count him not stopping at a stop sign for 3 seconds or longer (he still stopped) and increasing speed to 38 (speed limit 35). The state trooper took his blood and told him it would take 3 weeks. My boyfriend is in Brazil for work now and then Mexico after. Is jail the only option? I am scared he will lose his license, job, and go to jail-- meaning he might lose the house he just bought. Is there anything we can do- like plead for house arrest and no/ limited jail time? What can i expect?
I see that you have posted previously with a slightly different question, but on the same topic. It is clear that you...
I had 3 dui's within 5 years, in 1988 and 1989, the third was treated as a second offense. Does this stop me from buying a gun.
All three were before the 11-22-95 law.
If none of them were a felony, then I don't think there should be a federal or state prohibition against owning or...