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  • Brookfield trooper recorded stops, failed to turn ov...

    Monday Feb 20 | via Worcester Telegram & Gazette 

    For two years, state Trooper Nicholas J. Holden of the Brookfield barracks did something many social justice activists and police watchdogs have fought for: video and audio recorded his encounters with people he stopped. However, he made the recordings without official state police approval, failed to turn most of them over to prosecutors during court proceedings, and is now facing serious discipline, according to interviews and documents obtained by the Telegram & Gazette.


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  • Men arrested in prostitution sting in Northborough

    Jan 23, 2017 | via Community Advocate Newspaper 

    Ten men, charged with sexual conduct for a fee, were arraigned in Westborough District Court today as part of a prostitution sting conducted by the State Police and local police departments, according to Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr. Last night, the Massachusetts State Police High Risk Victim Unit, in collaboration with the Northborough, Shrewsbury, Westborough and Southborough police departments, executed a sting operation in an effort to combat human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women. "The focus of this operation was to attack the demand side of human trafficking, where we too often see women forced into prostitution," Mr. Early said.


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  • Shrewsbury police log, Jan. 20 edition

    Jan 18, 2017 | via Community Advocate Newspaper 

    6:55 a.m. Arrested, Amanda J. White, 34, of 15 Baker Pines Rd., Wyoming, R.I., for receive stolen property +$250, possession Class B substance, disorderly conduct, interfere with police officer, warrant; Nhon Le Jr., 29, of 7 Duncan St., Auburn, for possession Class B substance, receive stolen property +$250; Arney Ferreira, 22, of 9 De Marco Terr., Apt. 1, Worcester, for receive stolen property +$250, possession Class B substance, use MV without authority; and Anthony Moncreffe Clarke, 47, of 17 Court St., Boston, for possession Class B substance, receive stolen property +$250.


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Shrewsbury Law

MA hardship license... Is a policies and procedures form with letterhead sufficient in proving I have to drive?
I am a visiting nurse and it states multiple times that a valid license is required for my job. Is that enough or do they require a letter actually written by a supervisor? I will most likely lose my job if that is the case.
Speak with an attorney who deals regularly with the Registry of Motor Vehicles in obtaining hardship licenses for...
Got a CWOF for a DUI in Mass, but moving to FLA
I have a house in FLA, was moving this month. Got pulled over and ask me to take a breathilzer, did blew .007, went to court, got 45 day LOL and probation 1yr and 16weeks DUI school. I will loose my new job in FL and will have no income is I don't move, what can I do? Can I transfer to Take DUI school in florida, get my FLA license once I get mine back?
How did you blow a .07 and get a CWOF? That's below the legal limit? Did you represent yourself? There must be more...
Out of state DUI...affect MA drivers license?
Two nights ago I was charged with a DUI in the state of CA while on vacation. I supposedly failed the sobriety tests and also failed the breathalyzer. I hired an attorney from CA who I met with yesterday and he will be handling my case out there. He says it may be possible to get the charge reduced to a "wreckless driving" but the chances are slim. When my license is suspended in CA how likely is it that MA will find out? Ive done some research and it seems like it can go either way. I know that MA is not part of the NDR but in some cases they do find out. I don't need to renew my license for another 2 years so that shouldn't be a problem. My lawyer actually had the same case in October of last year and the Mass RMV never suspended the guys license although CA did take action against it.
MA does not appear to be a member of the compact of states that agree to cross report. However they may do so...
Third offense DUI, how long can it be continued?
My friend was arrested for a 3rd offense DUI over 2 years ago. He took the breathalyzer, which he failed, was arrested and lost his license. After 30 days, he paid the reinstatement fee, and got his license back - and has been driving without restrictions since it was reinstated. The court put him on a home breathalyzer monitor, 3 - 5 tests a day - which have all been negative for alcohol. The breathalyzer results from the night he was arrested are being challenged due to possibly not being properly calibrated. As mentioned, this case just passed 2 years of continuances while awaiting calibration records/results... How long can this continue? Is this something that should eventually be dismissed due to the amount of time that has passed?
Knowing only what you have written here, the answer is that it can be continued until both the prosecutor and the...
Got pulled over for crossing yellow line . refused breath test ...police told me I would only lose license for six mouths for refusal. tricked me.
Yes, you do indeed have a chance to get your CDL back; however, not right away. The federal statute governing CDLs...
How does the system works if the police didn't file cremial charges against me, can the court proceed with this matter. I told t
I went to test drive a car but didn't have my license the dealer ran my ss# and said I was good to drive. After leaving the dealer I got into an accident. The police arrived and said noithing..3 days later I received a citation driven on a suspended licence. The registry knows nothing can the court fie charges if the police didn't file a complaint.
The police are filing a complaint by giving you that citation for a criminal charge. There should be a courthouse name...
How can i get my DUI lifted meeting out of state criteria?
In 2014 i got charged with a DUI , but i dont drink at all. when i got pulled over i had two pipes used for marijuana but I allowed a drug test so thats how that conjured up Into being a dui. It happen in DE but i had moved to MA for college and I would like to get my DUI lifted but everyone on DE ends kept misleading me for months and now I'm currently waiting for $160 refund because of them.. I just want to move my life forward its been years and they wont help me because I'm in MA is there anything! Any program that meet their 12 weeks criteria and 6 negative intones screening? I call places but its always seems like one or the other and never both meaning they can do the classes but not the screening and DE wants a place that does both and i dont know what else to do.. I honestly am losing all hope.
You can be charged and convicted of a DUI (aka driving under the influence) without being under the influence of...